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Volkl 724 exp's too much for newbie?

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Hey All!

Long time reader, 1st time poster. Love this place!! Anyway, advice please...

Am said newbie (1st season skiier); live in Anchorage and have been on the surrounding slopes maybe 20 or 30 times this year. First few times were on a hand-me-down set of K2's (5 or 6 yrs old maybe). Decided to buy some skis after that. Picked up a set of the aforementioned 724's(163cm) ... no, no... that's not right. Was sold the aforementioned 724's when my intention had been to buy a set of Atomic M8's or M9's. Sales guy assured me they wouldn't be too much ski for a quick learner ('and they're such a great deal buddy'). Am starting to wonder about this, however, and am thinking of picking-up a set of beginner/carvers like maybe Head Big EZ's or something (money's not so imprortant, and how can you not want to buy something every time your in a shop?!) Any thoughts are greatly appreciated.

Did I say I love this place?!
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Welcome Jafo, need some additional info: weight, height, ype of skiing you enjoy (piste/off piste), conditions you generally ski in & estimate of skiing ability; for the more knowlegable Bears (than me) to give you some feedback. There is also a matra here when it comes to buying skis and that is demo, demo, demo.

FWIW, I've skiied the 724 EXP and compared to the newer AC series, it is a barge.
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Volkl 724 exp is a demanding ski. Pretty stiff and not forgiving. Not for beginners. Get something else.

If you're looking for a forgiving freeride, get last year's Rossignol B2's
Those are a lot softer.
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Thanks for the replies thus far fellas! To follow-up: 5'9", 170lbs. What do I enjoy? Everything baby! But I'm a downhiller at heart. Have not ventured off piste yet but will as soon as possible (need a guide right?); am totally willing to invest in seperate 'on' and 'off' piste skis; as for ability, I don't know, like a 1 or 2 I guess. Really I'm so new that it probably invalidates that question for me to even attempt to answer it (ask a 16 year-old how well he drives). I've done blues and reds (little shaky on those). I'm game for black (I think - my heart in my throat, my ass on the ground probably!).

As for the mantra... I'm sold. I meant to ask for suggestions on what to demo, demo, demo. Laterz.
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Choices: 1 ski, AC4 177 cm; 2 ski Quiver? Mantra @ 177 cm and Allstar at 168cm; 3 skis? Gotama, AC4 and Allstar. But thats my bias.

Plenty of reviews on the AC4 here but not many on the AC3. The AC3 has more of an on-piste bias than the AC4. My stats 6'1" & 200 lbs, level 7/8. I ski the AC3 in 170 cm. Compared to the 724 EXP, the turn initiation is much quicker. It can carve, scarve, whatever. I haven't yet found the speed limit, but then again I don't ski that fast. It works well in crud, ice, on groomers and not too deep untracked and slush (all of which can be experienced in one run in Oz). I suck at bumps.

If it was and east coast v west coast thing, IMO then AC3 for the east and AC4 for the west. For Anchorage?
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