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Boot decision Nordica Beast vs. Speedmachine

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I was in Beaver Creek this week and tried Nordica Beast 10's on my metron IX and they seemed to be up to the terrain. We skied harder blues (Harrier, Redtail, Raven's Ridge). My instructor who wears Beasts also suggested that I consider speedmachines as well. Any thoughts on why I might want to spend the additional money on the speedmachines (I did try them on and they felt quite nice -- but they were not available for demo anywhere). With sales on gear it would eb nice to make a decision soon and get a few runs in on them b4 the end of the season.
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evogear has beast 10's in 28.5,29.5, and 30.5 for $299.00.

they have speedmachine 12's in 25.5,26.5, 29.5,30.5 for $479

AND, if you call their toll free number and talk to molly, you may get another 10% to 20% off just by asking for the "end of season, goodwill discount". that's where i bought my gear and got incredible deals. they have "sick" <LOL> looking helmets, too, including giro, protec, etc.


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The Beast line is more oriented towrd off freerider skiing and the Speedmachine line is more for on piste skking but the differences are not that great.
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I ski the Beast 10 and can say that it is incredibly comfortable, even when sized appropriately tight. The shell is a bit soft (80 flex), aiding its comfort level, so it's not the most powerful boot, but as long as that works for your type of skiing, you will like these boots. My experience is that many people buy too-stiff boots for their level of skiing, which just results in discomfort. It has a heat-moldable liner, so you should be able to get an even-better fit (vs. the pair that you tried).

Don't know if you have any SportMart or Sports Authority stores near you, but I saw these selling for ~$200 (year-end closeout) last week near me, which is an absolute steal for this level of boot.
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I bought Beasts last year, and while I liked them, I changed to Speedmachine 12's this year and think they are a noticeable improvement. The shell is narrower, not as bulky overall, and I just find them more responsive. As usual, the best advice is to buy what fits best, but all other things being equal, I had/have both boots and my preference is for the Speedmachines.
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I'm very picky about boots and happy with my Beast 12's. Not sure if the Beast 10's would be too soft, though.
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All(I think) of the SMs have tighter heel pockets.....
The Beast12 has a med-lg pocket & the pocket in the 10s is IMO HUGE...
If you can get into a SMs heel...with their thinner liners, they'll pack-out less...size-wise..
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