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Ski Length advice!

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I need some help, I have a friend who needs to get some skis, but has not skied in 5 years.

She is an advanced skier, extremely athletic, aggressive and competitive, but relativly small 5'2" 100 lbs. Skis fast and spends alot of time off the beaten path.

What I want to know is if there are any mid-fats out there that ar e made in less than 160cm. She used to ski 150/160, but they were straight skis, I know normaly you downsize, but that options does not seem to be available if she wants to get performance skis.

Any suggestions, she will have a limited ability to demo so we are looking to narrow the list.

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try looking at junior skis I know that Salomon makes most of their skis in a Junior
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The Volant powerkarve came in a 158, that would be an excellent mid fat ski. They also have a 163 as well. That should work out well for her.
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I just cruised to the Rossi site to check the Bandit XL, the Bandit X balanced for women. Its shortest is 160cm.

I wonder if skis built specificly for women from other companies would have a shorter ski...you'd think they might factor in ski length as well as balance.

Worth poking through all the manufacturer's sites if you haven't done that already.

Igneous may custom build a ski for your friend.

Last season I did a few runs with a tiny woman who rocked on a pair of 1080's.
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I'm 5'7" and 250lbs.
(Think Sipowicz on skis)
I ski a 167 rossi cobra

Maybe this lady really needs jr skis like has already been mentioned.

Near as I can tell, they have some pretty high-perf skis out for the teenage set.
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Rossignol makes the T-Power Saphir VS 103-65-93 they go from 140 to 167 and the T-Power Saphir CX 106-68-96 and go from 140 to 174 in length. The last one (CX) probably would be a good choice. A 140 should be short enough.
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