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Good sites for snowboard reviews?

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Are there any good sites out there for snowboard reviews, perhaps something like but for snowboards? Or even something like the gear review board here but for boards? (Free sites would be preferable if there are any good ones.)
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thanks, kill. I've posted a few things there, but the site seems a bit slow, traffic-wise.

are there any forums out there like this one but with more snowboarding traffic (is it ok to ask that here?)?
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That is about the best site I know of. If you look at the membership and numbers online it's huge. Not sure what your question is or exactly what you are looking for.
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thanks, kill. the specific forum there I've been hanging out in is , snowboards. I've gotten some replies to my queries, but not that many.

I think I may be a bit of a fish out of water in terms of posting style there

I posted a very similar topic on this forum just a couple of minutes ago. I'll do a comparison
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Probably should bring this up on but since we are talking about it here. You might send a message to elsnowboardo, he seems to be the very knowledgable gear guy. Also swmike is an instructor and may have some thoughts for you too.
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Originally Posted by Chopin
thanks for posting this! i had lost this link.
this site has been around for a few years now, glad to see its still going.
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thanks, Rusty and Chopin! I'll check those out.
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Thank you. This is what I am also look for...
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Ancient thread, but it always shows up in google

Another great resource is
Snowboarder Guide
post #13 of 22 is great for hardboot setups
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Snowbaord Reviews

Check out It's new but it looks cool and they give free swag if you post two reviews.
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Sorry blatant plug! From the end of July. will be featuring over 400 boards from over 40 manufacturers with over 100 reviews by the team. It'll also have interviews with key industry people, advice from the pros like Nico Muller and Eiki Helgason and info on snowboard design and construction. Oh and if you have any feedback on the gear your riding we'd really appreciate your advice. Anyway check it out at the end of next month!

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I would also recommend , its clean sites, alot of Snowboards, Boots and Bindings, probably over 3000+

Have posted on site few times, also use it as reference to some of the older gear...

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IMO the best, most candid site out there done by an informed rider who rides LOTS of boards.

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She will tell you if she doesn't like equipment.  I ran into her briefly at the Never Summer tent at Loveland yesterday.



IMO the best, most candid site out there done by an informed rider who rides LOTS of boards.

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Check out The Good Ride.

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Shreducated helps provide useful and professional knowledge while reviewing all of the products on our website. We also provide all the latest news and events happening around the world related to snowboarding.


Shreducated also features daily updates for certain things, such as "Women Wednesdays" strictly offering updates for the world of woman snowboarders, "Throwback Thursday" which features old footage of video parts, shred clips, interviews, and much much more.


If you want snowboard reviews with some knowledge, hit us up.

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We're from Board Insiders so of course we gotta say Plus we have videos!


But I agree Shay  @ has a unique point of view and so does

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