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Thought I'd share this with the muscle tightness and back pain crew.

I have been getting some regular (once a week) body work through a system called Rossiter.

In short, it is a myo-fascial release technique.

As a result, I have improved muscular balance, improved flexibility, and no pain.

My skiing is sharper too. My wife and I usually ski bumps. She has made a few comments on how much better my form is. The skiing definitely feels tighter and more focused. My stance has tightented fore/aft too. ...tele stance.

I regularly stretch twice a day, participate twice a week in Yoga class, and see the chiro. I'm skate skiing, tele-skiing, cycling and running. I can get bunched up pretty easily with all that activity.

I have to say that this Rossiter system has been very beneficial for me compared to Yoga, and chiro visits.

Check it
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I'm bumping this because I feel that strongly about how much it has helped me.

LM, where are you?
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I did a 200+ mile cycling tour last Sunday. My quads and IT bands started out pretty supple and ended up tight as a drum head afterwards.

Massage and stretching have never been able to provide enough release in the past. But the Rossiter therapy did give enough release that I am back to where I started before the tour. All it took was a 20 minute session.

Impressive stuff.
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None of the fitness experts want to chime in here? I'm confused about that.

Rossiter is sort of new to me. But it has been a very effective method of assisted stretching that targets a muscles areas that are otherwise elusive to conventional methods.

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LM has left.
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Yeah, I know. You're implying that she alone cornered this market? Also, I posted the OP long before she left ...I think.
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She pretty much had a lock. And you are right, you did post prior to her departure. But it's a PT thing, and not fitness, so she may not have known about it.
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Well, the Rossiter thing has been kick in the arse for me.

I once posted a looooong time ago under another alias a thread about kegels that LM picked up on. Since then, I've met LM through Bob Barnes and a few other gang members.

I even see her around Copper every once in a while doing her survey thing.

So I figured that she'd like to discuss.

Sorry to hear that she no longer frequents the forums. I've read some of her articles in TPS.

LM come back!
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If you do all those things you do, stretching and Yoga and all, and still have back problems, You need something unique.

I would only be a bundle of tiredness.

Relief from your symptoms is obviously important to you. I have no problems suffering through mine.

My attitude is don't look for trouble I haven't got.

The last thing I need is some "trip" to get all wound up about.

Good for you!

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Thanks CalG. I would say that I manage tightness. I haven't had a bad back episode in a year. I would attribute the past year to my continued search for better understanding of my body. It's been a long, ongoing search. I felt the the latest "new" thing (rossiter) has had a significant impact that warranted sharing.

aka PinHed
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