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How to pick bindings?

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Need bindings for beginner to intermediat skis.
(Salomon verse 5)
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Go with a Salomon C-Series binding. They are really good low level bindings. They have upward release, and pretty god retention for a low level binding. The 711 is probably the bext out of the bunch, but there are others that would work just as well. They also offer (or did offer) the poweraxe plate paired with the 711, which was a great setup for an intermediate skier.
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I don't think there are any bad bindings as long as they are appropriate for the weight and ability of the skier. The binding companies' lawyers and insurers won't let them sell poor performing bindings. If Salomon extends the ski warranty with their bindings, no brainer, use Salomon bindings. I prefer a binding toward the upper end of the product line for better release ability, and with the proper DIN setting in about the middle third of the scale.

I prefer Atomic Neox or Tyrolia Railflex bindings for the ability to move the binding forward and aft on the ski to find the sweet spot. On certain brands the best boot location is not where the ski maker marked it.

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thank you guys

this is a lot of help. i have a different question now. would you recomend to buy used bindings to save a little cash? I mean do i have to pay over $100 to get good bindings?
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No way! You can easily find new bindings. I almost bought some Salomon 711's to keep for another set of skis for like $50. I would expect they're on ebay for close to that.

Also, I would watch www.steepandcheap.com for something popping up - they haven't had ski bindings in a while...

www.geardirect.com is good or you can call Colorado Ski and Golf and they'll help you out - I'm sure they'd love to get of some lower end Salomons.

The C series (esp. the 509) is a good binding for the price but there's lots of plastic involved and a friend of mine is having retention problems. Personally, I wouldn't go lowest-end ever if you can avoid it...
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