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Lange 130 vs 120

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Bought my Salomon X-Wave 9.0 boots too big 3 seasons ago. After innumerable times to boot fitter, I've come to conclusion I need new boots.

Tried a bunch of boots last week and leaning toward Lange (I have a very narrow, low volume heel/ankle area, wider forefoot, low height foot) with some work to remove hotspot around the inside ankle bone. Really liked the way they gripped the ankle. Tried sizing down in Salomon 1 and 2 sizes from current boot but still felt like my ankle was swimming around. With Lange, every lateral movement seemed to translate to the shell and absolutely no heel lift. Exactly what I feel I'm currently missing.

Both Comp 120 (Low Fit) and Comp 130 are available in what I think is my size. Any feedback on which direction to go? Is 130 just too stiff? I'm 10.5-11 in street shoes, bought X-Wave 9's in 28.5 (325mm), tried Head, Lange and Salomon boots from 305 to 317mm, but Lange 130 in size 9, 27.5 (317mm?) seemed right size.

I'm 5'11, 200 lbs, ex-bike racer, ski agressively, committed to progressing to upper advanced level over next few seasons. No problem flexing W-Wave 9's.
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My first thought is you are a big guy and presumably strong from bike racing. The 130 is not super stiff and might well be manageable for you. The flip side is manageable versus functional. At your level skiing learning to balance on the ski using all joints (the ankle) to remain centered is critical to reaching the level you wish to achieve. People who are strong and athletic often have a tendancy to rely on strength instead of efficient and balanced use of the ski, this will just hold you back from skill improvement. I'd tend to go too soft rather than too stiff. You could even look at the 100 as long as you don't crush the thing.
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I just bought a pair of the 130's. I have about 7 days on and love them. I only had one minor adjustment, they were confortable right away and very surprised that my feet didint hurt because of the tight fit. I am 5'11 180 pnds and a very agressive skiier. One thing you can do that I did to soften them up is to take out the screws on the back spine of the boot. There are two screws, you can experiment by taking out one or two.
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L7 and dave007 - thanks for the feedback. I tried 130s and both low fit and medium fit 120s and went with the low-fit (low volume) version of the 120s.

Boot fitting session on Friday and will ski them Sunday. Plan to soften them up and then add the screws back progressively.
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