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binding mounting position?

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whats up?
i finally got my seth vicious 179's and they asked me where to mount the bindings. i told the guy center mounting is fine, but he insisted on mounting them back, on mid sole. i told him to do between the two. what are the advantages/disadvantages of moving the bindings back? i know it helps in powder, but realisticly how much powder do i ski? i bought these skis cause they rip through pow, groomers, moguls, pretty much anything. is the rear moutning gonna affect everyday skiing at all? im guessing it will make them feel longer, and less maneuverable in bumps and trees? oh yeah, will this greatly affect riding switch too? just starting to master that, so it would suck if it slows down that process.
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There can be a lot of difference, and do not rely on the manufacturer's marks. I just mounted a pair of Head i.Supershape skis. I'd been told that they ski better with the boots 1 ~ 1.5 cm forward of the mark. With the carve plate in the original position, the farthest forward I could get was about 1 cm aft of the mark. The skis were OK if I hit their sweet spot exactly, and not that good if I didn't. I mounted Railflex bindings on their plate, set them 1.5 cm forward, and the skis ski sweeeeet.

My PocketRockets ski very well on pack with the boots on the mark, and great in powder with the boots about 2 cm. aft of the mark.

More info....http://www.techsupportforskiers.com/..._placement.htm

So...I sure like Atomic and Tyrolia bindings with their adjustable positions.

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so basically, am i worse off b/c the guy at copper gave me terrible advice for moving the bindings back? that article in the link made it sound so
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brannen, yes I think that you've been given duff advice.

Current thinking is to mount the bindings so that the ball of your foot (ie, the middle of the first metatarsal) is over the centre of the running surface of the ski.
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brannen, my pistols (similar ski, same length) are mounted 1.5cm forward of the mid sole mark, but that's still 5.5 behind the core centre.
I'd only mount them at or close to the core centre if the primary reason for skiing them was the park, and riding switch (i.e. spending 75%+ of your time in the park) If you are using them as a powder ski, and they are mounted too far forward, then they become difficult to handle in the deep stuff, and have a lot more tail to try to control.
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Give them a try. If they ski sweet, great. If not, consider moving the bindings.

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I moved my mounting position 2CM forward based on recommendations and initially liked it that way. I've since moved it back to the manufacturers recommended position and can say that I definately like it there more. I'm an upper intermediate and find that I skid the ski far less on the groomed in the recommended position and ski faster and in more control.

I did like the forward position in the bumps as I'm not that good at them and turn initiation was clearly easier.

I think you should experiment as this is likely to be a very personal choice and it's unlikely there's any 1 CORRECT answer.
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one more question?

nice help so far, im sure ill like them no matter what, but if i do decide to move the bindings again, how much integrity or stiffness, or whatever is lost with drilling more holes and moving bindings? i know they fill the holes, but im guessing it isnt the greatest for a ski.
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it's the ski's balance point for YOU that matters

At the ESA, Steve Bagely demonstrated the Campbell Dynamic Balancer, which is best described as a see-saw like device that enables you to find the optimal balance point of the ski for each individual. This is different for everyone- the marked point on the ski is the manufacturer's estimate of where this should be, but varies dramatically for each brand. If you believe the theory behind the device (and I will admit I was rather skeptical, but also quite impressed with the results in my case), many people are mounted too far back. In my case, on Atomic R:ex's (which, according to Steve have the most excessive tailward mounting mark) I was balanced 5cm (yes, that is not a misprint) ahead of the manufacturer's recommended mounting point. I took a leap of faith, and had them remounted. It took a bit of getting used to, but turn initiation is much easier, I am less in the back seat, and I do like the new mounting position enough that I am thinking of remounting my Fritchis (which are on nearly idential Atomic TM:x's). The balancing, however, is boot specific- and I have yet to hear about anyone here in CO that has a Campbell device.
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a second drilling should not hurt the ski's integrity; make sure they plug the old holes so no moisture gets into the ski's core.
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the mounting position is A-OK, but i still havent skied powder. let it snow. skiing groomers is FAST, getting on edge seems easier, and bumps are still hard. anyways, there seems to be a storm a brewin here in summit co, so hopefully i can hit some steeps this week.
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When you say centre mounting do you mean cord centre (true centre of the ski) or centre as in the manufacturers line? I believe Seth, and many people who want to ski like him, mount Pistols at +5 from the factory line (this is on the 189). If he is saying back from core centre he is right, only do that on a pure park ski and I'm not sure you'd want the Seth for that purpose.

Less tail will make landing switch harder especially on ungroomed snow, as for riding switch not a huge difference, harder to carve switch with less tail.
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