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Where does one get super-g or dh skis for racing. I know the pros have them but I've never seen them in a store or on a manufacterures website.
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Do you need them? If you needed them, chances are you could find them quite easily... If you do in fact NEED them, I will tell you how to get some.
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The times they are a changing. I bought my old SGs in a ski store in Ottawa. They had them in a lot of ski stores back then.
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There are some listed on Ebay of course. I will not link to the exact items, but do a search for "Race" or "race stock" mens downhill skis in length longer than 190 cm (and most are over 200 cm) Atomics and others are listed. You also can get them from many higher end "Race Center" ski shops.
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Originally Posted by HeluvaSkier
Do you need them? If you needed them, chances are you could find them quite easily... If you do in fact NEED them, I will tell you how to get some.
Needs got nothing to do with it. It's WANT!
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On a speed ski need is a huge part of it. If you can't pilot a speed ski, you might still WANT to ski like Daron or Bode, but it's just not in your best interest... or anyone else's best interest (unless your wife/husband is trying to kill you or something, and they show up for your anniversary or something). Usually the people out there who CAN use a speed ski, and NEED to use a speed ski, know where to get speed skis.
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You can get the Atomic and Rossignol DH and SG skis without pro forms at some shops and online.

Here: http://www.racersales.com/category_s/9.htm

HeluvaSkiier: Quit being a self-righteous idiot and maybe provide some useful input on occasion.
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Last season, your son was 5' 2" @ 105 pounds.

I think what Helluva was getting at is his actual needs and what equipment will work for him. Some coaches will not put their light racers on that kind of gear. Without knowing his current weight and ability it's hard to get into the specifics. I would make sure that before I put a check in the mail for $1000; is the equipment is actually going to be used.

Will he need legal gear where they are doing strict enforcement, or will they let him compete with a "gentlemans DQ" if he is in the "threat category".

You need to have you pulse on what your particular region is doing or intending to do. If he is USSA and his birth year is 1991, will he compete as a J-2?
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sir jman, you should be careful not to overstep the boundaries of my limited compassion to your threads, posts, and responses here in this forum, and others here at epic. I provide input as it is needed. As I recall even you have benfited a few times from my advice that you solicited here. I don't give you answers you want to hear. I give you, as others, REAL answers. Reality has to slap you in the face once in awhile. It hits some harder than others. Plus, I believe I have provided enough infomation here at epic via posts and FAQ threads to demonstrate that I can answer the question that was asked.

Is self-righteousness like claiming to outrun any patroller I meet? Who is guilty of what here? This thread is about speed skis, which if someone is not racing speed events (unless a rare circumstance), they do not need. Forgive me for pointing out the obvious, as well as trying to determine if the original poster actually NEEDS speed skis. If you have a problem, you are more than welcome to take it to another thread and not derail this one... but make sure that you are capable of fighting the fight you are trying to pick right now.

Have fun chief...


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Use speed skis to your detriment. Having used 'em for at least a dozen years and having never raced, I can attest to their ill effects.

You will be banking all your turns. You will never learn how to pole plant. You will be brutal when you ski. You will think you're going slow when you're going fast enough to get your ticket pulled, and you will always want to tuck. Don't get 'em. They also sink in powder on ungroomed flats and they are terrible in big steep moguls, though they are ok on steeps so long as you don't make any turns.

Edit: After giving the matter some more thought, I think that if you are going to be going at DH/SG speeds, you are better off on equipment that was designed for those speeds.
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