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Short TR - Mount Snow & Stratton 2/21-2/23

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Travelled over to Mt Snow on Monday. Although we had a pretty solid blanket of snow in Syracuse, as we headed east, the snow disappeared. In Bennington, there was none. As we headed uphill on VT 9 east of Bennington, the snow appeared again, but there was not much as we passed the Snowmobile nexus at Searsburg. There was snow on the ground in Wilmington and West Dover, but it was sketchy at best. We didn't know what to expect from Mt Snow on Tuesday. We arrived early (7:55) to get a decent parking spot and a seat to change into our boots.

On both Tuesday and Wednesday, we (me + my 2 youngest kids) found the conditions at Mount Snow to be surprisingly good. The snowmaking crew has been working overtime because we could see spots where they had not been making the white stuff and it was unskiable. But the trails that were open were excellent. We skied all over the mountain on both days and really enjoyed the North Face trails. They were making snow all day (both days) on the North Face and there was always great snow to be found. We didn't venture into the woods because of the limited snow cover, but considering the terrible snow year, the open trails were excellent.

On Thursday, we went north to Stratton. I had never skied there, but our local ski area has a reciprocal with Stratton, so our passes got us a free day of skiing (first time only, 1/2 price from now on). I spent the morning with the experts at Green Mountain Orthotic Lab (see separate post on my experience there), but my kids went out and explored. We met up for an early lunch and then went out to ski the mountain. I got in 2 very fast laps on the gondola to try out my newly fitted boots and then we went over to Kinderbrook. By this time, it was snowing quite hard and the visibility was poor, but the new snow was nice. I've always liked skiing in the snow because it makes the area seem less crowded - many of the skiers there headed inside when the weather got iffy. We worked our way back north across the mountain and ended up in the Snow Bowl area. Like Mt. Snow, I thought the conditions at Stratton were excellent given the hand Ma Nature has dealt this winter.

Neither area is scary, but because the crowds were down, both had some long, well-groomed high-speed cruisers. We got in a lot of runs in a very short time and we were pretty smoked by the end of Thursday. I would say that we never waited more than 5 or 6 minutes at either area. This coupled with the high-speed lifts gives us a lot more skiing than the old days. I can honestly remember standing in line for 45 minutes at Stowe during February break in the mid-late 70's.
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Thanks for the post. May be heading that way soon.
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