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Very impressed with Park City

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My first visit to PCMR was 5 yrs back - when I was an intermediate groomie.
stuck to payday, KingCon, Silverlode. since then, I have only visited alta, bird, snowbasin.

this time, I stayed in PC and decided to do PCMR, DV, Canyons.

First day at PCMR - on Mconkeys till noon and Jupiter in the afternoon. very impressed with the terrain. I don't understand why PCMR gets dissed so often when compared to their LLC cousins. there is plenty of steep terrain off of these two lifts which woulc compare very well with most of alta/bird. of course - some of the steep terrain requires a little hike.

I was also extremely happy with the ski school. It took me exactly 2 minutes to get my 2 kids registered at ski school. no lengthy forms to fill out, no release of liability bs. and the instructors really pushed my kids. I loved it.

next day - skied DV with kids. DV is DV - what can i say. love it.

third day - went to canyons. Canyons better do something about their marketing dept. whenever we bumped into anybody in PC - either in the hot tub at the hotel or in restaurants - everybody had something negative to say about canyons. so we were really quite apprehensive going in. Once again checked my kids in at school. Hit 9990 in the morning. fun, fun mountain. plenty of steeps. great lift. must tell you a story. so just before lunch - after i was done with 9990 - I skied of the North face backcountry gate to head to mid-mountain. I ran into a man skiing down - with his 9/10 yr old son - walking with him. Turns out his son lost his snowboard on the way down - they searched but could never find it. so they gave up and started hiking it back to the resort. they are so lucky it was not a stormy powder day. the run out to mid mountain is at least 2 miles long !!!!!

spent the afternoon - on SuperCondor. another advanced/experts area. lot of nice runs. number of hiking possibilities. on the whole - I kind of enjoyed Canyons. It is a little different from other resorts - in terms of the way its layed -out. but - if you know how to read a trail map - you should be fine.
i would go back there again.

some restaurants that we went to - Bangkok Thai, Blind Dog Sushi, Wabo, and Cisero's (italian). all good.
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Marty Glad you had a good time here in Park City. It's kind of the in thing to put down PCMR. Then again you have arguably two of the best mountains Alta / Snowbird, in The USA less then an hour away. I think most of that negative trash talk is due to the fact that a lot of people tend to stay around the mid mountain area and don't venture to the other parts of PCMR.
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Thanks for the info.

I am flying out tomorrow and I plan to try DV, PCMR, Canyons, Alta, Snowbird, and maybe Snowbasin.

6 days isn't long enough.
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Originally Posted by Scalce
Thanks for the info.

I am flying out tomorrow and I plan to try DV, PCMR, Canyons, Alta, Snowbird, and maybe Snowbasin.

6 days isn't long enough.
Powder Mountain is also a good choice/ Lots of powder when others are skied off.
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If you take PCMR's upper 1/3rd, you get over 1000 acres and some of the best terrain anywhere. Seems folks dissing the place do so 'cause it gives the appearance of coolness on forums such as this. Funny thing is, it super cool among the younger twin tip & snowboard crowd. Also cracks the national top ten in skier days. Go figure.

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I have friends who have passes to Canyons and love it. I'll take Jupiter. PCMR has the best high speed groomers around too, considering super wide trail= plenty of time to slide/self arrest and the mountain is big enough that traffic isn't a problem except on Christmas week, so there's fewer bogies on the radar.
See how fast you can go on Silver Skis sometime when it's corduroy and empty(which is all the time) It's no accident that Ted Ligity, Eric Schlopy and Joe Pack grew up here....
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I do wish they would stop grooming runs like silver skis and Willies so much. Even if I can't ski bumps this season I do love those front side runs under natural snow conditions.
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second the motion on Presidents Week at PCMR

Anybody who bitches about the crowds at Park City for Presidents Week has never been to Mammoth during Presidents Week. Just got back from PCMR (2/19-2/25) and it was gggggreattttt! Spent most of time on King Con, Motherlode, Silverlode and had a fabulous time.........my wife even had a fabulous time and that is quite the accomplishment!!!
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