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Straight Skis - totally history?

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Gart Bros here in Denver literally has pallets of straight skis brand new for El Cheapo, all kinds, Volkl and all - is ANYONE still using them? I may grab some for Tele...
(I can hear the responses now...)
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get a whole mess of them and cut them in half and make chairs and benches!
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Sportmart, a Gart subsidiary here in CA, has had Atomic, Fischer, Volkl and Dynastar race skis on sale for about $39-$59 a pair. It is funny to see G9's and Verticals sit at that price. I remember not too long ago that they were it! Now they look like long, stiff XC gear! Anyone need a 209? Hee-hee!!!
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Well, here's the skinny: I've been working at Gart for 5 years. Sportmart is not a subsidiary of Gart. Sportmart and Gart merged a couple of years ago. Actually Sportmart had more stores than Gart did. There were no overlaps in store coverage so no one lost their jobs; only some of teh managment when Sportmart's Chicago office was moved to Denver. Most of teh sportmart stores changed their name to Gartsports. A few retained the name Sportmart due to area familiarity. I started 5 years ago at Sportmart and have been there all throughout the changeover. During a rep-meating break I asked the rep if it were a merge or buyout. He smiled and said, "Depends on who you talk to!" We both laughed. he then said it was a good merger because there was no store over lap.
True- Gart has tons of these old straight skis. They've never been used, i.e. new. As I have been told. Jobbers have tons of these older skis and sell them to Gart, et al for so many cents on the dollar. Gart then discounts them and puts them on the rack. There are still many die-hards out there who still believe in some myths about the mid-fats, or shaped ski. They erroneously think these skis are for beginners and intermediates only and if you're a true skier you don't cheat by using them.

This is almost analogous to a general in the Union army who refused to buy the new breach-loading rifles during the Civil War, syaing the old muzzle loaders were just fine. Lincoln finally fired him! (especially after Lincoln test-fired one himself!)

We've been this route before- When metal edges came out, there were many who said this was cheating. They wanted to ban theuse of metal edges in racing! Safety bindings came out. Many young bucks called the rest of us wimps and scardy-cats, afraid to get hurt. But I guess that's part of life.
a couple of years ago I met a girl on the mountain who said her grandfather still skis on solid wood skis with no metal edges and bearclaw bindings. She can't get him off of them. A true died-hard! Oh well... to each his own.
Selling on the floor I see most people buy these straighties because of price. They can't afford anything else. At least it gets them up on the hill to have some fun. Bob

Life's a pain... then you nap. Cat philosphy
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What are straight skis good for? Bumps. If you want a bump specific board, grab a pair of SL's or soft SL's. The narrower dimensions make them quicker edge to edge and your tails won't hang up coming out of the troughs like they can do with a mid.
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True. But a mid with a narrower tail than its tip works fine. It's kind of a 'y' shape.

Life's a pain... then you nap. Cat philosphy
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