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Advise on skis for Utah

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I will be in Salt Lake City March 12 to 16 and am wondering what skis to bring. I am from the midwest but can handle (and looking forward to) the steep and deep. Think Lone Peak at Big Sky, KT-22 at Squaw.

So I will be bring my Explosivs and pray for snow. No question there. I even like these in packed powder.

But I guess there is a possibility of a warm up then cool down and no fresh (like the week I was there last year) causing some harder midwest type conditions. So depending of the forcast closer to that date I may bring a second pair

Here are my choices:

04-05 Volkl 6 stars at a length of 160 cm. Love them in the midwest, not sure for Utah

Older Atomic 10.20's Orange in color. 108/68/98 stiff and heavy. I have a choice of 190 or 170 in length

An older Volkl V I think. I am not sure the model. They are black with a bold wide yellow V on the tip and tail. They have a slightly turned up tail. No other writing on them except the length of 178. I measured them at 104/75/98. I use them in the park. They are lighter to be somewhat softer than my other skis.

An old pair of Supermountains in a length of 186. that I have packed away not sure of all the dimensions but I think they might have a waist of about 78 mm.

Lets hear your opinions.

By the way I am 6 feet, weigh 180 lbs ski agressively and looking for stuff I do not get at home in the midwest

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Advanced weather forcasts out there mean sh.. Bring something with some decent float and chose your mountains wisely- ie. the Cottonwoods.
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Last year I used my Supermountains (110-78-100mm) while skiing Snowbird during the first week of April. I had every snow condition from bottomless powder to early morning ice and late afternoon corn.

The ski surprised me. The Supermountains had a fresh tune from Superior ski services at Snowbird and could carve nice GS turns on the icy groomed slopes and provided plenty of grip. They were especially awesome in the crud, powder and sun-warmed powder (mashed potatoes). This is a very versatile ski, except for it's minor sluggishness in tight turns.

I would bring the Supermountains to complement your Explosivs if snow is in the forecast.

I would bring the 6* if chances for snow are slim.


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