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Fatski lenght

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Anyone with experience of Volkl G41 in 188cm comparing to 198cm?
Is it possible that 188 is to short for a g uy 180cm, 85kg aggresive skier who mostly ski offpist? I hope the ski is stiff enough to fit my purpose in the shorter lenght!

Hang in there, soon the summer is over...

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The 198 will give you better stability in the deeper, thicker stuff, when landing air and at higher speeds. The 188 will give you slightly quicjer turns at the expense of stability. If you feel like you want to part with the 188s and go to the 198 G4, let me know I really need a pair of g41 on 188. I'm slightly smaller and lighter than you.
Good luck!
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Ok.... in USA measurements you are about 5'11" tall and weigh about 187 pounds. If the Volkl G41 ski is Volkls G41 pro with a sidecut geometry of 118-83-106 mm. I think the 188 is long enough. Next season the longest Volant Chubb is 188 cm [ due to material enhancements,] this year it was 190 cm. The Volkl geometry is also comparable to the Bandit XX and the Dynastar Big.

But frankly, in the final, true, and best analysis, "you are your own best judge!" So demo if you can first ! If not I would go with the 188 ski.I think it has more than sufficient flotation for your weight.

Why then would you want the longer ski ? The 198 just seems to be quite a lot of ski, but if you are going to be making lots of very fast turns in some very steep and deep stuff only then consider it. It may be a good "Heli" ski, otherwise why would you want it so long ? And then, are you truly an expert skier at the very top of his game ?

Only you can answer those questions ?

Good luck and Happy Skiing !
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