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Help cutting X-wave 10.0, please...

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I bought a pair of 04-05 X-wave 10.0's this year brand new.

They were the only boot i could find that fit my foot just right.

I ski mostly moguls, park, and powder. The boots are way stiff for this kind of skiing and are beating my upper legs up.

People have told me to take the screws out, which I did, but it did not make much of a difference.

On the inside of the boot the bottom section comes up in the back along the spine. this creates two layers of platic for the spin (cuff and lower boot). On the portion that is part of the lower boot there is a triangle outlined in dotted lines.

The wide part at the top, the point at the bottom. I imagine this is for cutting out to make the boot softer? Why else would it me molded there and have dotted lines?

Anyone ever cut this part out? How did it feel afterword? I imagine if I cut this out i can put the bolts back in if it is too soft.

Any help would be great.

Thank you,
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Before you decide to soften your boots you should seriously consider testing out a Booster strap. It sounds like you are experiencing shin bang - softening a boot is not the agreed upon best solution for shin bang.
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try the power strap around the liner only, not the shell,

If you want it softer then cut a smaller notch then shown and don't have the bottom of the notch a V shape, but round it to a U. That way it willnot crack with use.
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This is exactly why the lines are there. Like Mtnlion says cut less not more as you can go back to cut again but not add material that you've taken out. The power strap on the inside will loose the connection to the back so softening fwd flex that way. Easy and totally reversible so an easy starting point.
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Thank you for the fast replies. Do i have to take the upper cuff off or can I use a dremil and make sure not to cut into the cuff as i am not a complete idiot.

I really don't want to have to take it to a shop and pay for new rivets and all that other good stuff.

I am going to ski them at the mogul comp on sunday. I ordered some booster straps but they are on back order so I won't have them till next weekend. I will wait to cut until after I ski with the boosters. The strap that comes with those boots does not fit under the cuff. I do not want to lose my connection with the spine of the boot...I just want more flex.

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Are you refering to the V cut in the back of the lower? If yes (and i think you are) IMO you should not do it.
IMO if you cut a V this will affect the flex negatively.

There is a thread on this subject and i think you will find it very useful.

Btw, Jeff Bergeron, the bootfitter who responds to questions on another section agrees with me. http://forums.epicski.com/showthread.php?t=29323 (pages 2 and 4)

There are other ways to soften the boot.

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soften the boot in very hot water and then dremmal away lightly.
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