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Pls Help Which Boots???

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I am 17. I can classify myself as Expert ( 8-9)(started when i was 4) size 28 and 1.80 m. This year I have started racing and gotta change my boots (my feet grow). I used to have Lange F7 and now I have bought CRL70 ( I was thinking that they will be great) but I really hate them because they dont let my legs to curve, so I am just standing there and also they are so high and heavy. Right now I am thinking of Nordica Doberman 110 or Rossignol Elite Exp 1 ...... I am also open to any other suggestions. ***One last thing CRL70 doesnt also have any tuning oppurtunity so I hate it one more time...

Pls and Pls try to reply me asap cauz I have gotta buy my new boots soon to get ready for my next race...
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Can you get to a GOOD bootfitter? Someone that can recommend an appropriate boot and then make sure it actually fits you. You don't even stay what state you are in so it will be quite hard for someone here to make a recommendation.
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I have some 27 doberman 130s that can be softened to the 110, used 5 days, w nordica driver plate, email me if interested vcgley@gmail.com
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you can't flex a CLR 70??

it is NOT a stiff boot,

sure the size is right (1-2cm fit behind your heel and the shell)

if you have a size 28 (US mens 10) foot then you are in a 26 or 27 boot right?
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Do as T square advised, get yourself to a good bootfitter, and take their advice, you seem to be guessing at the moment, and if there is one bit of kit not to guess on it is you boots
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Lets ask this this way....What do you think about Dobberman? Forget about the Lange part cauz I have been using it for 3 years so I know who am I dancing with...Write now I am just thinking of changing it and at first I was thinkin of Rossignol but then I have changed my mind and focussed on Dobermann 110....SO in fact it is not really about Lange any more.....
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ok the dobermann is a fantastic boot.......if it fits your foot, and without having your feet (attached to the rest of you) in front of me it is imposssible to say if it will fit your feet, so there is no point trying to do this on line as you will get conflicting advice from all sorts of people. the only thing that can truely be said is bite the bullet and go to a good bootfitter, they can give you the advice on the right shell, flex and footbeds for your feet and your ability. Getting it right will make a massive difference to your skiing just as getting it wrong can be disasterous
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Thanks a lot CEM ....Of course i will try it first.. I was just trying to decide which boots to try....I have tried Rossignol Elite Exp 1 and Nordica's boots other than Dobermann...While checking internet for some ideas I have found some treads about Dobermann and they were all saying that it doesnt heat ur feet below 0... In fact I have some discounts in Nordica and Rossignol so I am focussed on them. One more question.... Any Nordica Boot(especially Dobermann) or Any Rossignol Boot(especially Elite Series)? As I have said before I will use it for general usege and for 3 or 4 races a year . So its gotta be comfortable too. Thats why I am thinkin of 110 ( I dont want to kill myself with st like WC 150)...Any suggestions????
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jeemm -- trying to recommend boots over an internet forum is a lost cause, since we can't see your feet. The insides of different manufacturer's boots look very different. I happen to ski in Lange's because the shape of the boot matches the shape of my foot. Likewise, some people swear by Rossignol's which simply don't work for me as there is no way those will ever hold my foot securely.

Most feet will slide into most boots and clomping around the shop will feel reasonably comfortable. But once the liners start to pack out, you'll start feeling what the shape of the shell is like, and if the shell is simply too large in some parts for your foot, then there isn't a whole lot that can be done. Shells -- that hard plastic part you can actually see -- can be stretched in a variety of ways. They can't be shrunk.

Tell us whereabouts you live and somebody here can recommend somebody for you to see. Bootfitters know shell shapes and they look at feet all day. Their job is to match your foot, your movements, range of motion, etc. into a boot. It will probably cost a bit more initially for their services, but then again, you'll know you have it right. Good fitting boots will last for years.
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hmm. Ok I live in Turkey I dont think that you will be able to help. As I said before I dont want any specific support...I just wanted to check if anyone uses any of these boots. Cauz I have heard that Dobbermann doesnt keep warm enough..Is it true? And the reason that I didnt want to buy Rossignol ELite was its general idea of being manufactered just for races...(I only race 3-4-5 times a year) and normally comfort is more important...One last thing does a 110 flex boot fit to me....I mean mostly fun and sometimes race...
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Originally Posted by jeemm
.One last thing does a 110 flex boot fit to me....I mean mostly fun and sometimes race...
not if you can't make a lange with an 80 flex work...
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no it does work but it is a bit larger than my feet tat is the reason...
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