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Looking for new all mountain

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Build- 5'6 155
level- expert, aggressive

Yes I am looking for a new all mountain ski, i have been skiing on a set of fischer revolution radarc's (stiff version), these are the oldest radarcs, 118mm tips.. looking for something close to this dimension in the tip. Something in the 180 range is what I am looking for.

Looking for a ski that will serve as all mountain up to about 6 inches of snow. I ride a set of Wolf Cold Smokes for deep stuff..

On the groomed/inbounds I ride very aggresive/fast, hard edges slalom/gs mix. And lay out as far as I can on edge quite often. So the ski needs to be pretty stiff, yet quick.

I also ride the chop at full speed so these skis need to be very stable on/off piste.. These will see the steepest terrain as well..

i feel that the all mountain skis might not perform how i like inbounds and vise versa for the race carves, I ride as much in bounds/groomed as i do out of bounds/ungroomed.

What would be a good ski to look at for my needs, and would fit what I need the best. I ski in the PNW (Alpental), along with out of State/Country trips every year, about 50 days a year so far.

Thanks for your opinions/suggestions..

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I strongly recommend the Rossi B4. A real all mountain ski. I just demoed them in Jackson Hole. They can go anywhere in the mountain: Powder, Crud, Bumps, groomers, you name it.
Good luck
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I would consider the Elan M666. Laminate race construction in a midfat design (116-76-102mm). The Head Monster iM 82 (122-82-108mm) is another ski that can carve on the hardpack like a high performance race carver and tackle soft snow and crud with ease.

Hope that helps,

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There are so many great skis to choose from, but check out the Nordica Nitrous. At your weight, the Top Fuel wouldn't be as versatile. Don't let the somewhat downgraded performance category of this ski turn you off(Advanced). I think it flat out rips in all conditions.
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The b4's are to fat/soft for all mountains skis, i rode the older version a while back..i have also rode on the heads, I thought they were burley, but a little to heavy, not quite as quick as I would like

The nordicas i might try and demo in a 178.. Seems like they might be sweet..Are they a pretty stiff ski?

How about the fischer rx8's..?

The new fischer amc series would be ok, but I think from the reviews that they are pretty soft, and i personally like to stick to a wood core ski..

I just got back from whistler from a week of skiing, and am going down to Utah in about 3 weeks for another week, so I might demo some while I a am down there.

Any other opinions/options..

Thanks ,scott
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Originally Posted by sco44

How about the fischer rx8's..?

Any other opinions/options..

Thanks ,scott
I have the Fischer RX8 and consider it to be the best on-piste ski, east or west. Off-piste on a RX8 is doable but not ideal; however at your weight you will experience more float from the RX8 than many people will get from a midfat. its worth a Demo. Also consider the RX9, more GS than SL, but with a 69mm waist it will be more of an all-mountain ride than the RX8.

I still think you need to ski the Elan M666, or Head Monster iM 82.


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just lurking


I don’t lurk or post here often but you got my attention. I just got back from a week of skiing at W/B as well. As you know, no new pow - just cold and sunny the whole week. I’m heading over to Lake Tahoe tomorrow for another week and I think I may catch some powder. By the way, Alpental kicks ass when b/c opens. If Alpental is your home, you’re right, you do need a pair of quick sticks.

I am the same build/level as you and like to ski fast and hard. I am on Fischer WC RC4 (non-FIS) and it works fine as all mountain sticks. Although I wish I was on 170 instead of 180. I’ve plenty for powder – Tanker, W105, and Axiom. Anybody want to buy W105 in 170 almost new condition? I’ve also have Fischer BS8.0 (170 - twintip) for goofing around but may want to get rid of after the LT trip. They are just burly enough to handle the hardpack and it is very versatile, good on bumps and packed pow/pow – surprised me!

I demoed recently (it was free @ Meadows back in December) and sticks that I really liked in variable condition was Volkl AC3 in 170, quick in variety of turns and stable at speed, almost as good at speed as my RC4.

…it’s time to pack
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I have RX-8 (180cm) and Elan M666 (184cm). The RX-8 is the better hardpack carver, but the M666 is a much better all-mountain ski. I find the RX-8 to be demanding and slightly difficult in crud, but the M666 makes skiing crud easy. And the M666 is a pretty good carver too. If it has a downside, it would be weight -- it's real heavy (while the RX-8 is a lightweight).

Of the two, if I had to keep only one pair of skis, the M666 would be it.
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My short list would be

Elan m666
Elan Magfire 12
Volkl AC3
Volkl AC4
Volkl Karma
Dynastar Legend 8000
Nordica Nitrous
Nordica Modified
Stockli Stormrider
K2 Recon
Head im82
considering Elan M662 as leftover from www.untracked.com (sim ski to M666 without fusion)

This is my current list for next years all mtn ski to supplement Volkl Allstar
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