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Favorite Summit County runs

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Anybody wanna throw out some of their favorite Summit County runs? I'm headed there in a week, help a brotha out! A few good rollercoaster groomers, a few steeps, a few trees, a bump run or two?
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Breckenridge: E-chair (Inferno, Devil's Crotch, Sluice Box), great moguls and trees; The Burn off of Peak 10 has a bunch of trees too; and Peak 8 (never actually hiked it but now that they've got a lift going to the top it's probably worth checking out)
Arapahoe Basin: Pallavicini (everything off of it) and if the East Wall is open check it out as well...oh, did I mention Pallavicini?
Hope you have a great time, they've apparently had a massive snow year out there.
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At Breck, Minecrotch,LULU,Joker Rolls, Mohmars Hole of Death.ABasin the Alleys
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Chair 6 at Breck for bumps all day long. On powder days head to the peak 8 T-bar.
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Roller coaster groomers? Peak 7 at Breck (yeah, pretty much the WHOLE peak is roller coaster groomed - just watch the lift wait lights at the bottom of the other peaks before heading over, the lift at the bottom of 7 can get VERY backed up at times) or ski just about any blue on the front two mountains of Keystone.

Moguls? You can't beat Pali at A-Basin (Steeps and moguls, does it get better?). The E and 6 chair at Breck are also great.

Trees? The Outback at Keysone, go all the way to skier's left off the Outback chair. Trust me. The Windows at Breck are also good (it's called something else on the trail map, but everyone knows it as "the windows" - turn right as you get off the E chair and take the little trail into the trees).

Steeps? East wall & Pali at A-Basin. Top of peak 8 at Breck also has some good choices.

I think that covers your request . But don't forget law 1: have fun!

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From the top of the Imperial Express at Breck, walk the rest of the way to the peak, then go down the ridge to the lake chutes if they're open ... it's steep, really steep ... takes you down to the top of the 6 chair so you can ski all that too ... hope the legs are in shape

And if there's decent snow The Burn on Peak 10 as mentioned above is fun,

I believe it's Peak 9, (maybe 10) but from the top of the lift you can walk up a service road that usually will pull you out into a pretty good bowl and down into the windows .... usually can get some pretty good untracked up snow ... until you get to the windows of course, which will be a sheet of ice if it's been warm and cold so the stuff melts out of the trees ...

Have a good one, i'll be back there in a couple weeks myself
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all of them!
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Peak 10 at breck find Mustang, Dark rider and black hawk. If things are moguled up they face south so they will soften first! Chair 6 is a ton of fun from left to right! Ski it all! Then head down and do the same on the E chair!
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Originally Posted by chuckc
At Breck, Minecrotch,LULU,Joker Rolls, Mohmars Hole of Death.
I love the Minecrotch area and the Joker Rollers. I can always find an untracked line just a little closer to the trees on the rollers.

Where is "Mohmars Hole of Death"?

Do you know the name of that really steep tree chute in Needle's Eye that's visible (for a about a second) form the Interconnect just past the midway load? That thing is awesome.

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pallavacini...not sure i spell it right anymore.
leaping off the pallavacini chair on my 223 fischers (the ones with the big holes in the tips) got my derriere sh*tcanned from my instructing gig at keystone/a-basin in '86.
i love that whole the time, it was the highest altitude lift-served skiing in the states.
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For high speed groomers with some pitch: Rosie's Run and Triple Treat at Copper. Had a ball on those a few weeks ago with an ex-racer friend. LewBob
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I agree with The Burn. Nice pitch + perfectly spaced trees = tons of fun!
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Bumps: Sawtooth, Resolution area
Varied Terrain: The runs up on the ridge riding the snowcat, don't know the names. . .

Even though Vail is in Eagle County, I am going to include my favorites from there, since I think you mentioned it as a possibility for a friend's lesson in another thread. Besides, it's my *home* hill, so I know it better than the Summit County resorts. . .

Groomers: Blue Ox or Headwall, although Blue Ox is only groomed Saturday mornings. On a quiet day, the area around Lodgepole/Berries/Pickeroon can be a good place to get some speedy blue runs in.

Prima to Prima Cornice or Pronto
Bumps on the west wall of Sun Down Bowl
If your intermediate buddy is looking to work on bumps, a terrific run to boost confidence is Powerline Glade (blue). It's relatively short, pitch is very mellow, it tends to be empty, and bumps are usually small, soft, and well-spaced. A very good spot for practice.

Variable Conditions (these are all my personal favorites on the hill):
Iron Mask/Lovers Leap, Blue Sky Basin (there is always a drop-in here, varies from day to day, but snow quality is always very good. BIG bumps on very bottom run-out)
Ghenghis Kahn, China Bowl
Apres Vous, Sun Up Bowl
Ricky's Ridge, Sun Down Bowl
Seldom, Sun Down Bowl
Red Square, Siberia Bowl
Rasputin's Revenge, Siberia Bowl
Shangri-La Glade, China Bowl, IF the snow is good.

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Mohmars is at the bottom of Hades thru the trees to the Tunnel.
The trail your thinking of in Needles Eye maybe Mr.Toads Wild Ride.
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Northstar and Claimjumper are my favorite roller coaster at Breck. At Copper, I love Jacque's Pique.
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since vail is now mentioned: lover's leap, now that's a hot run...heck, all of blue sky basin is sexy:
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Cornice or the trees at Blue Sky @ Vail
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funny how this morphed over to eagle co.
when i was with the keystone/a-basin school, my days off were spent, invariably, in vail's back bowls.
vail's close enough to summit to warrant mention, if not total eclipse, of summit resorts.
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Vail has lots of intermediate terrain.

In summit county, try Spaulding (So fine, Atlantic Chute), Copper Bowl (Bradley's Plunge, Buzzard's Alley), Tucker Mountain.
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good rollercoaster groomers: front side - Flying Dutchman, Frenchman

I think you'll find the best trees in Summit County at Keystone
- best trees are the Windows under the Gondola going to North Peak
- for steep trees try the runs to the left (as you go up) of the Outback lift
- for easier trees try the runs to the right, Wolverine, etc
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As previously mentioned, virtually all of peak 7 at Breck for rollercoaster groomers. For highspeed anything that's groomed on peak 10 or off the Tbar. Copper is filled with highspeed groomers
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  • Cruisers:
    • Any of the blues off Super Bee or American Eagle (Andy's Encore, Copperopolis, etc.). Main Vein (under the chair) can be quite crowded though, preventing much high-speed cruising.
    • Any of the blues off Timberline.
  • Steeps:
    • Stuff off Mountain Chief in Copper Bowl, especially West Ridge.
    • Union Bowl (Buzzard's Alley).
    • Jupiter Bowl (Little Trees and Endeavour are favorites of mine) -- off Sierra.
    • Spaulding Bowl (Patrol Chutes) -- off the t-bar.
  • Bumps:
    • Little Burn (right under the Timberline lift).
    • Most of the stuff in Jupiter (Revenge and Kaboom are good) and Resolution Bowls (Highline and Sawtooth can be unrelenting), as well as under/around the Alpine lift (Triple Treat is an easy one -- at least as of two weekends ago).
    • Mine Dump, CDL, and Brennan's Grin off Excelerator are some shorter bump runs.
  • Trees:
    • I get freaked out in really tight trees, and Copper is full of them, so can't help much.
    • However, the trees between American Flyer and Timberline are decent (you can "see" it when you're riding the Flyer, towards the top -- look to the right under the chair).
    • The top part of Little Trees is nice.
    • Timber Ridge (off Sierra or Mountain Chief) has some nice trees to the right).
Since somebody threw in Vail, I'll list some of my favorites there (my recommendation: you have to do Vail at least once). I only ski Vail maybe half a dozen times a year (and most of it in the Back Bowls), so my knowledge is somewhat limited, but here goes...

  • Cruisers (I've listed some stuff in the Back Bowls -- conditions can be variable, so "high-speed cruising" is left to your comfort level):
    • Most of the stuff in Game Creek Bowl, but especially Baccarat and/or Dealer's Choice.
    • Under the Eagle Bahn gondola.
    • The blues off Chair 4 (Cappucino, Expresso, etc.).
    • Northwoods, off Chair 11.
    • Yonder/Yonder Gully in Sun Up Bowl (usually groomed).
    • Poppyfields in China Bowl (usually groomed).
    • Emperor's Choice to Sweet N Sour in Tea Cup Bowl (not sure if it's groomed, but looked pretty "smooth" this weekend).
    • Forever in Sun Down Bowl (don't think it's groomed, but usually seems in pretty good cruising conditions).
    • Big Rock Park in Blue Sky Basin.
    • Grand Review and The Star in Blue Sky Basin (off Chair 39).
  • Steeps:
    • Just try anything in the Back Bowls -- some areas are steeper than others.
    • I've always found Genghis Khan in Tea Cup Bowl to be somewhat steep (especially around the cornice).
    • The top parts of Red Square and Rasputin's Revenge in Siberia Bowl is pretty decent too.
    • Lover's Leap at Blue Sky Basin.
  • Bumps (haven't done much bumps at Vail, but here are some):
    • Look Ma, right under Chair 3 -- big, nasty, steep moguls.
    • Wildcard in Game Creek Bowl (right under the chair).
    • Bumps form in lots of places in the Back Bowls, so just look for them.
    • Encore and The Divide in Blue Sky Basin (under Chair 37).
  • Trees (haven't explored much trees at Vail):
    • Big Rock Park in Blue Sky Basin -- first-class!
    • Come to think of it, pretty much all of BSB.
    • Under Chair 21 in China Bowl.
    • Over Yonder in Sun Up Bowl.
    • Bolshoi Ballroom (top half) in Siberia Bowl.
    • The trees under the lower half of Chair 5 always look nice, but I've never tried them -- the coverage there can also be very sketchy.
Also, check out -- select a resort, then click on "Mountain Layout" from the nav-bar at the top -- it gives a pretty good breakdown of the mountain for different types of trails.
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Thank you everyone for these , I wish I would have thought to ask this question prior to my trip to SLC! I particularly am glad you all did your best to mention both advanced and intermediate terrain, I will have a mid-level skier with me who I really want to have fun on this trip (so he'll go again next year, and the year after, and so on). He won't be interested in steeps, bumps, and trees, so to be able to hit up some sweet groomers will just get him more excited to start trying the other stuff. I suspect this trip will double his ability (esp. after a lesson LOL) and that's awesome! One can never have too many ski buddies!
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Copper: Not Slot, Fremont 1
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OK I'm back!

I know you've all been waiting for this, so without further ado, here are my nominees for favorite runs from my trip (PP/Slush/Ice from Sat. till Tuesday, Pow Wed. thru departure)


Whale's Tail and the Y-Chutes, Breck; Endeavor, Copper Mtn.; Headwall in the Sun-Up Bowl; Vail. (Didn't have the guts to hop off Lover's Leap while skiing without someone else... LOL that sounds brokeback-ish!)


Union Meadows Glades, Copper Mtn; 17 Glade, Copper Mtn; Shangri-La Glade, Vail; Trees of Resolution, Hornsilver, and Big Rock Park, Blue Sky Basin, Vail (Poor conditions at Keystone didn't give me a real good feel but I bet there is a lot there I need to see when they have new snow)


Far East, Copper Mtn.; Everything off Chair 6 at Breck; Encore, Blue Sky Basin, Vail


Dutchman, Frenchman, Irishman, and Starfire, Keystone (see a trend here? Poor snow early in the week = many many groomers at Keystone LOL); Cimarron, Peak 10, Breck; Northwoods, Vail


Favorite overall runs had to be the trees of Resolution and Hornsilver at Blue Sky Basin, Vail; Copper's Union Meadows trees, and, of course, the ease of repeatedly hopping off the Imperial Express lift for hella-awesome views, sweet cornice hops, and fun steeps.

Thanks Summit County and Frisco, the people there were great, the views ruled, and even the restaurants were sweet! Rasta Pasta in Breckenridge rules- Great skiing fuel!

Even got myself a pair of Croc's to bring home!

One last thing... does the Goat in Keystone always smell weird? Fun place, good liquor, strange odors! :
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