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Volkl P40 Platinum are Similar to what 2002 Model?

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*shakes head*

so i just spent a solid 15 minutes typing up a post, hit the submit button and turns out i typed the wrong password and now must re-type everything after hitting the back button. here goes:

last year, after busting my Rossignol 9X 9.9 (size 198) at Magic Mountain, VT really late in the season, i opted to demo the Volkl P40 Platinum EnergY (size 193). i took them up to Wildcat, NH and had one of the best days of skiing in my life; a truly excellent ski for my needs and skiing (first day i ever skiied bumps 'okay' and even enjoyed them!).

unfortunately, being so late in the season, all retail outlets were sold out of the P40 by the time i demoed it. no problem, i thought; i'd buy next year's model...

okay, maybe there is a problem. the P50 Platinum EnergY is only offered up to size 188 (please correct me if i am wrong). this is, of course, the trend in the ski industry, to shorten the models offered (damn German Ski manufacturers forget non-Euro skiers actually grow taller than 6 feet!!!). i was concerned as it was on the size 193 P40's i demoed after having 198's before... but despite feeling the skis were a little short, i thought the 193's would make a great fit.

if they were still offered in size 193, i would probably buy a pair of the P50 Platinum's ASAP (assuming there are no real major differences from last year???). however, now it seems i am going to be forced to do some more demoing and shop around a bit more.

i may give the 188's a demo (and i may even keep an open mind while doing so!), but i am looking for other alternatives. onthesnow.com said the P50 Plat was a solid ski, but just go for the P50 Motion EnergY. intigrated binding system aside, what's the major differences here? still, 188 is the top size of the Motion... so i am still looking for other options. let the personal ad begin:

about me: 6'1", 210 lbs, athletic build, spent 6 years on a ski team (GS and salaom), good technique w/racing training, not affraid of a ski that requires skill, love to ski tough and steep trails, ice is fun!

seeking: all mountain ski (much like the P40), capable of everything from big GS turns, small quick turns, icy new england steep stuff, high speed, bumps, and maybe even some trees. preferably in the 191-195 size range.

i know that's a lot of info, so if you are still reading, much thanks. i would appreciated all suggestions and any info you could provide. big thanks in advanced.

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They new Plat is 103/63/92. vs 102/65/88, and softer. They P50 F1 is 102/65/88, but it is a pretty stiff ride. Don't worry about the size. Wait, do worry, go smaller. Don't belive me, check out WC GS lengths. 188 will be plenty of length, and 183 would be a more competitive size. Not to mention easier and more fun.
Too bad you don't want a 168 Plat, my girlfriend wants to sell hers.
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P50 F1 energY is the same sidecut as last years' Platinum and comes in a 193. Check out www.peterkeelty.com and you can find descriptions of both skis. As an aside, according to Volkl, one will be seeing WorldCup men racing slalom on 168cm. 6'2" and 185 lbs. Use the Platinum from 99-00 100-63-86 in 198cm. About the only time i "need" to skid is with the kids just doing lazy short turns. Rest of the time it is on your mark, get set, GO! Good in the bumps, too! To find a pair of what you like try www.untracked.com (though their "new" stock isn't listed) or www.comorsports.com (Vancouver, B.C.) You might have better luck searching out West since it is more of a hard snow East ski. Good Luck. <FONT size="1">

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wasn't planning on looking into the P50 F1, if i was still racing GS i would, but looking for something that'll do a little of everything.

regarding length, yes... go smaller, i agree. six years ago, i was two inches smaller and skiing boards that were 204. my last skis were 198, and i demoed the P40 Plats at 193.

after a demo of the P40 Plat at 193, i still occasionally felt that there wasn't enough ski under me. i don't know how comfortable i'll be chopping another 5cm off, but i will try the demo and see. trust me, in regards to size i am definately after 'easier and more fun,' but also need stability and comfort.

regarding size on the World Cup, your right, you'll see lots of skis 188 and under. but i wonder how many of them will be used by 6'2", 210 lbs. skiers.

any tall folks that might be able to comment?
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Check the shop at Stowe (at the mountain).

They had lots of P-40's in April.... just about anything you wanted. I can't imagine them selling out over the summer.
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I've got a pair of P40-F1's I'll be selling this year (193cm 99/00 Red/white 100-63-86). I'm going down to 181/3 this year. I demoed last years P40 in 188 (same dimesions as this years p-50). It's a lot of ski- I wouldn't get it unless I was going to do a lot of real high speed cruising. Fact is the 183 is really a lot of ski and probably enough. Demo a few short slaloms in 168 or there abouts and then try the gs in a low 180's and I think you might think differently.
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We have a 193 and a 188 Platinum brand new at Kittredge Sports in Mammoth. They are $400 a pair. Our phone is (760) 943-0213.
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yuki, much thanks on the tip about the shop at stowe. i called today and they have a pair of P40s for $350 brand new, i am driving up on saturday... i was planning on going hiking this weekend any ways, i figure i can hike my first ascent of mansfield while i'm there. thanks!
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Yuki knows just about every ski for sale around here! What size are you getting?
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Tog, i still plan on getting the 193's. they are what i demoed, and they felt great... and i think that is what truly matters. i had one of if not the best day of skiing in my life when i demoed the 193, they did everything. they fit me, my style, the conditions i ski in, and what i like perfectly, and regardless of size, that is what we all look for in a ski.
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