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Jay Today 2/23

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My best day so far this year - Jay Peak today. Conditions were great with ice between powder bumps. The woods had a lot of snow.

First run was over the face under the tram. Not sure how that happened. Firm underneath but great skiing. I hit a tree with my shoulder. I was looking right at it but didn't see it. Tree didn't move.

The rest of the day was in the woods and everywhere it was superb. It really was fine. For the most part I don't know where I am at Jay. Luckily the boy remembers stuff like that. Beyound beaver, the woods out of bounds at the Jet triple - untracked. Then all the woods between the trails and Kitzwoods to the skiers left of the Jet triple. Kitz was pleasant not as dificult and full of snow.

The only trail we took was Cam Am. Skiers right leads down under the slow quad. The lines were beautiful with ice between the fluffy bumps. Challenging but rewarding - I call that a powder day.

Matt (the boy) skied so fine. It's great to have watched him develop over the years and then to rip it up in the trees on a day like today. What a great ski partner. I'll miss him next year while he's at school.

No lines at all, including the tram.

They took our Jiminy Pass so the ticket was $50. for 2.

Oh yeah, ten miles from Jay a trooper pulled a U-turn and nailed me for speeding. He gave me a warning. That has never happen in my life. He must not have run the license. Karma.
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I was looking at the forcast and it looks like Jay is going to get hammered next week. I am from Newburgh area how long did it take to get to Jay peak from Albany. I can tell you like to drive fast.
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It takes 4 1/4 hrs from Albany to Jay. Come across toward Rouses Point and Pick up 89 S for a short while. Maybe bring a map!
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