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Retread Wants Advice

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I’ve been skiing for 40 years. PSIA Level III certified since 1978 and taught skiing for 27 years, of which 25 were as a ski school supervisor and clinician. For about 15 years I was an Area Rep for Fischer, Dynafit, and Leki. I skied on 200-210 SL and GS wood-core skis almost exclusively (as well as longer DH and SGs). There’s a collection of early 1990’s vintage racing skis in my basement.
I “retired” from skiing in 1995 and haven’t been on skis since, except for a couple of weekend clinics on shaped skis several years back.
I’m 63 now and feeling a pull back into skiing. I like to make short and medium radius turns and hope to continue to ski fairly fast and aggressively "for my age." I have no intention of skiing big bumps, but small mogul fields now and then may be in the cards. I expect I will be skiing mostly on “eastern hard pack” and crud. That’s fine with me.
I’m sure I will get plenty of advice form my old chums, but I’m curious as to what suggestions for skis this forum might have for me before I go out a demo.
I weigh 170 pounds and stand 6 feet tall.
Thanks in advance,
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I'm 58 and 168 pounds. For eastern icy stuff, I have fun on the steeper stuff and the goomers with Stockli 156 SL's and for a bit faster GS 168 Stockli SC's.

Smooth skis and great ice grip.
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Welcome to epicski Danzee,
If you still have contact with the people at Fischer The RX8 or RX9 might just be what your looking for. A lot of skiers seem to really be enjoying those.
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Fischer Rx8 (or RX9 for longer radii), or for faster speeds Fischer Worldcup SC (or RC)
Also fun with a compromise radius between GS and SL - Atomic SX11
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Thanks - Looks like Fischer WC or SX8/9

Thanks for the suggestions, both posted and private.
I will probably end up with Fischers.
Had been considering WC SC. I guess I 'll try to demo RX8 and RX9 as well.
Good to hear first hand about the Atomic SX11 as well. It looked like they might suit me from what I read. I'll try 'em if the Fischers don't work out (old habits die hard).
Tips Up,
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IMO, it's all about the turn radius. For what you're suggesting, somewhere about 14-16 m. I'd avoid the hyper carvers, with the 12 m radius and huge shapes. Way too much force for the body to manage, and they always want to be on edge. I'm assuming that you'd like to relax from time to time, as opposed to always be turning.....
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