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Volkl P50: Platinum vs Motion (vs P40)

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Here goes my first post. I've done a search on this topic already and it seems there was some discussion on it a while back, but I was hoping to get some new input. After falling in love with the P40 Platinum at the end of last season, I'm eager to demo the P50s. Does anyone have any experience with these two varieties? I'd like to know if the Motion system really adds anything and how they compare to the P40 Platinum (not the F1)

One other thing... Until this weekend, I had been under the impression that the P50 Platinum and Motion were identical skis, just with the differnt binding options. However, a guy in a ski shop told me that while they have an identical sidecut, the Motion is foam core and more geared for all-mountion skiing while the Platinum is wood core and aimed at high-speed cruising/carving. Since the Volkl reps I talked to at a ski show didn't even mention this, and it's the first time I have heard it, I am slightly suspect of it. Can anyone confirm or deny the statement?
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Shop Boy didn't know what he was talking about. P50 Motion and P50 Platinum are the same construction. "Sensorwood" which is Volkl's all wood core.
Personal preference would be the non system version. Only because any problems with your binding leaves you locked into dealing with it the life of the skis.
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Make sure you demo both versions. I'd actually push you toward the Motion version if you don't have a problem with Marker bindings.

Unlike the Salomon system offerings, I actually prefer the Volkl Motions to their regular counterparts. The regular G3 just wasn't as much fun or as easy to ski as the Vertigo Motion. I haven't skied the Platinum this year, but the P50 Motion is a sweet ski. The few runs I had on it late last season were a blast.
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The P50 Platinum is a little softer, narrower underfoot, and wider tip and tail than the P40 Plat. One of my trainers (and Volkl rep), discouraged me from the Motion and talked me into the Plat. with the piston binding (his wife who is a stonger skier than I is on the motion). Since he knows my skiing almost better than I know myself, I just put a little blind faith into the decision.

The results, I love the setup. I was skiing with the guy last weekend and he thought I was skiing about as well as he's ever seen me ski. I remarked how much feedback I was getting from the skis, and how I've never felt anything like it before. He said it's as much the piston binding as the ski giving the feedback. I think that's why he talked me into not getting the motion. The setup I'm on is like getting a built in coach in my skis.

BTW... I never skied the P40 platinum, or the motion for comparison.
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I skied the P50 motion for on a demo day. The ski felt really smooth and damp and had great edge hold. It was very stable and felt like it hugged the snow really well. It felt more damp than lively and didn't have much pop out of the turn. It was a little too damp for me and just didn't feel inspiring to ski on. For my skiing style, I much preferred the feel of the Carver Motion. It has a little deeper sidecut, really carves beautifully and has a lot of pop out of the turn. You can lay it out beautifully for GS turns and also make shorter radius turns. It has great edgehold and is very stable at speed. Of about 7 skis I demoed, it stood out as the most fun and best for my skiing style. Right behind it was the K2 Axis X Pro which was great also. It was between those 2, but since I have always skied Volkls, I bought the Carver Motion and love it, I'm planning on writing a review when I get time, hopefully this weekend.
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