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Yes, some US women are an embarrassment, including Picabo Street and the female NBC reporter who interviewed Mancuso after the race.

Picabo's comments come off as snide and derisive. Why disparage members of your former team, on TV, the day they're racing? The fact that Mancuso won gold later that day rendered Picabo's comments especially foolish.

Even lower-class, in my view, was the obnoxious NBC reporter asking Mancuso about Picabo's negative comments immediately after Mancuso won the gold.

Apparently, there's no bar to what's appropriate for reporters, so long as they go for an emotional response.

Fortunately, Mancuso didn't take the bait.
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"Picaboo Street on the TODAY show this morning? She made it clear that all the crap US skiers " right, like Picabo never did anything outrageous like ski in helmets that would make an NHL goalie jealous because of the paint job or claim the key to winning DH and SG was to be naked under the speed suit and then thraetening to prove it...why do TV networks feel the need to have former athletes (or anyone for that matter) blab on and on about crap when they could probably just show the sports in silence and most people would be happier and watch longer
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See my reply in the poll thread. End of discussion as far as I am concerned.:
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