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Atomic 10.22 or 11.20???

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Hi - Has anyone skiied both the 10.22 GS Race Ski and the 11.20 (or last years 10.20) Beta Ride all mountain ski.

I currently have a pair of Beta Race 10.22 in a 188 and they are kicking my behind, so to speak. I'm getting old and I guess I don't ski at Mach 5 anymore. I'm wondering if the 11.20 are easier to ski and how much hard snow grip I'm going to give up, if any. I understand the 10.20 Beta Ride this year is softer and probabaly easier to ski, but I'm concerned I'd give up too much performance since I do have to keep up with my friends on race skis, hence my interest in the 11.20.
Does anyone know how the 10.22, the 11.20 and the 10.20 compare torsionally?

Thanks for any opinions. Anyone want a pair of 10.22 with 7 days on them?

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I skied the 10.22 (193) and 10.20 (190) back to back last year on a spring day. The 10.22 seemed easier to ski to me. I really didn't expect that from a ski of its caliber and reputation. The turn radius are very similar, but the 10.20 seemed to need a bit more energy to turn. I equated it to the wider dimensions. As far as torsional stiffness is concerned, I believe they have the same amount of steel and that the torsion index is quite similar. I could not discern a difference. I was thinking of trying the 11.20 in a 180, to see if the size made for easier skiing. Anyhow, IMHO, going to an 11.20 won't mean a big change in performance or forgiveness. Those two Atomics just aren't known for that.
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I have run the 11.20 in a G.S. course and it had plenty of torsional stiffness. I would assume that the 10.22 would be the stiffest, then the 11.20 then the 10.20. I consider the 11.20 to be the nearest to a mid-fat race ski. You will be able to keep up with your friends. It has great ice hold.
It may still be too much ski, if you are having difficulties with the 10.22.
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Greg, if your on the lighter side think about the 10.20 it's not a low end ski just different. By any chance did you look at the beta race 920 ? might be another option...or the beta carve 11.16 it's one awsome ski.
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