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vail march 9-11.. cheaply?

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Hey y'all,

I'll be flying into denver on march 9, and I have a place to stay in Vail... I have two things I need some advice on:

1) Where can I find Vail tickets for <$81?... College student budget and $81 tickets don't really match up... are there shops in town that sell cheaper tickets, etc?

2) Is anyone going denver-vail on march 9 or vail-denver on march 11? I need to get to vail, and I'd prefer not to take an overpriced van... thank you for your help!

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I hate to be a jackass, but please use the search function. I'm such a nice guy that I even took the 5 seconds to do it for you.

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I'll help you out, having just been there.

#1, no discount tickets. Only way I know to get them cheaper is to use a friend's guess discounts who has a season pass. They get a limited number of them per year, I think maybe $35 or so.

#2. Take CME, point-to-point, to the Vail transportation center. It's $44 each way, which is a bargain. Then use Vail's free bus to get around.
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I think Vail Snow Pro said that the super markets King Scoopers etc, if you inquire have $10 off Vail vouchers, but you need to ask for them. These vouchers are not blacked out.
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Got back from Vail 2 weeks ago. We got our tickets through the mail from Vail. I think they came out to $68.00. The parking on the other hand was $25.00 to valet or $16.00 to walk a mile. We picked the valet at the golden peaks area which is on the left side of the resort. Vail is not a place to find cheap anything but is one of the best resorts I have been to yet, and I get around. 5000 acres!
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Thanks for all of the advice... my main question now is how to get from denver to vail... CME is $68, and would end up costing almost as much as my lift tickets for those two days. So, anybody going to be in town those days? I'm a good ride companion, be happy to share the driving and pay for gas... :-D

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Once more, go to CME's website, choose point-to-point, DIA to VTC (Denver International Airport to Vail Transportation Center). I paid $44. Just checked, and that rate is still available.

If you're really cheap, google "Colorado Mountain Express Discount Codes" and look for 10% off coupons. I think 6pack might still work.
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If you have a membership card for NSP (for sure) and very likely PSIA/AASI, (and possibly more organizations) show at the window and get a curesty discount no questions asked.

I don't remember the discount % but I think it was 25% last year. I seem to remember 72 and 54 for the wife and I.
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