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Green Mountain Orthotic Labs

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I was in need of new boots as my old Lange's were packed out; I just couldn't get them to be very snug around my calf anymore. Not that I have any calf muscle to begin with, but that's a different story. I got my old boots at Northern Ski Works in Killington; excellent shop and they really took their time, but I had been hearing all kinds of good things about Green Mountain Orthotic Labs (GMOL, www.gmolfoot.com) at Stratton, so I decided to pay them a visit. I worked with Sandi who really knows her stuff (although I think that could be said about anybody there; Greg Hoffmann is the owner and the real guru there, but I got the idea he isn't there all that often). She looked at my old boots and my feet for quite a while and then announced two startingly amazing things:
1) My old boots were slightly too big; the sole length is now shorter by all of 2mm, but it's apparently a half-size smaller shell. Sandi said the old boots were correctly sized for my foot length but not my heel diameter. I thought my old ones were a bear to wrestle on and off -- these are slightly worse. I can live with the hassle for a good fit.

2) My old footbeds weren't ever properly supporting one of my metatarsils (sp?). Sandi deduced that I tend to ski heavily into the front of the boot (uhhh, yes) because I was always trying to get my foot supported better. Wow. Pretty nifty detective work.

So she made some new footbeds, took care of canting them (which I've known that I needed for years), ground out a little space in one of the toe-boxes for me and sent me out the door (they're at the base of Stratton, so you can "ski test" them easily). Sandi did all her work by sight and feeling my feet; if they have the fancy electronic gizmo's, she doesn't use them. One word about my first ski experience in them: WOW. I now have Dolomite Pro Z 110s which are stiffer all around then my old Lange's; I have never been able to carve through turns so effortlessly. I can just lay my skis over without ever feeling "mushy" or "uh-oh". I feel like I'm skiing much more upright, which is something that my coaches at the various ESA's have always been harping on me about. I race (badly) at one of the beer leagues here in Massachusetts and my first night in new boots wound up delivering a time of a whopping two seconds faster then I routinely post. I think, the ski turns. I can't imagine what even stiffer would feel like; not sure that I'd want to go any stiffer for free-skiing. (I weigh in at 170 and I'm about 6'2"). These are really snug, even after the first four days in them. Snugger? Stiffer? Yikes. They sell plug boots for those so inclined, but I didn't enquire about them. (I have thought about it though for those no-relaxing-here type days... I'd certainly trust GMOL to do the necessary work).

We did try two different boots -- a pair of Lange something-or-the-others, but after about 2 minutes in them I had to get them off. They could have been made to work (eventually), but with the Dolomite's feeling reasonably good out-of-the-box, I didn't see the need to work with the Lange's. I have to go back to GMOL this weekend to get one last hot-spot resolved, but its existance hasn't stopped me from skiing -- it's noticeable, but not painful.

End result: if you are anywhere near Stratton (southern Vermont) and you need new ski boots, visit GMOL and let them take care of you. There are certainly other excellent fitters in New England, but GMOL has my business for good now.
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Greg, the founder, is not in Stratton because he just moved to Vail and has started a GMOL in Vail Sports, Lionshead at the Landmark Building.

Greg worked on my boots & orthotics 2 weeks ago and I can honestly say that I have never had boots that fit & skied so well. I am one happy camper. Greg also canted my boot soles which has made a tremendous difference.
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Oh. Two other things I forgot to mention in my first post:
1) GMOL is crammed into the small upstairs loft of the First Run Ski Shop. The first time I looked in I was taken aback that this is the famed GMOL. Apperances can be a bit deceiving. I guess I was expecting a gleaming facility with the latest electronic gizmos everywhere, and that's not GMOL at all.

2) Don't go to GMOL for great prices. They're going to charge pretty close to full retail price for boots. Boots aren't worth trying to cheap with though, IMO.
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That is good news, Kevin. It is nice to hear about
a good experience. It's fun to notice results like that
right away.
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They sold Jeff some $200 footbeds that he likes, and I got waaaay too big boots there fitted by Sandi, which did more damage than good for the two years I wore them.

They're not all that expert in my opinion. They just wanted to sell me boots, fitting or not. I finally got a great boot at Gart Sports in Silverthorne for half the price I paid for the GMOL boots, and my skiing took a giant leap this year. GIANT.

So. Good and bad. Take it as you will.
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Originally Posted by Bonni

They're not all that expert in my opinion.

So. Good and bad. Take it as you will.
Agreed. Be smart, their both good and bad.
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North East Ski Systems offers excellent bootfitting in the New Hampshire region

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The Inner Boot Works in Stowe gets my vote in Northern New England. My wife and I have both had great success with them. I have 5E width flat feet and a bunion, and she has a weird ankle from an old boot top fracture.

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I've gotten fitted at GMOL and NE Ski Systems and had good results with both.
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