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Crowds this weekend in NE

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I never ski on weekends but lately I've been so busy with work during the week that I haven't skied in four weeks. I need to go this weekend! I have an ASC pass but I'm guessing those resorts will be a total zoo. I will be in Vermont on Friday so what would you recommend to avoid crowds on saturday and/or sunday?
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My experience is that many people get 'skied out' over the week and the weekend isn't as busy as the long weekend. Many people have Sat to Sat rentals and don't ski on a travel day. If it snows this week head to Sugarbush.
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Between Stratton and Mount Snow, what would you do on Saturday? I can ski both those mountains for free...
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I might take a chance at Stratton. I think the idea about the resorts not being as busy this weekend is valid, but I think Stratton gets a lot less day skiers than Mt. Snow, and the conditions are liable to be better. I'm sure the snowmakers and groomers have all been busy at Stratton all week to keep the upper crust happy.
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Are you guys kidding...theyre both going to be mobbed, but I would go to Stratton. If theyre both mobbed, at least Stratton is a little more spread out. Just go for the better mountain, with everything else (unfortunately) equal. IMO do Stratton
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I know Mt Sneaux has CT ski council days on both Sat and Sun which brings out the cheapskates (skiers & riders?) from CT. Once away from the base village it is easier to hide from the crowds at Stratton than Mt Sneaux (other than the North face).
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this weekend is the last weekend of school break in MA and the first weekend in VT/NH, so it's likely to be crowded.

I'm hoping for really cold temps to keep the masses away
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I will be demoing ski at butternut this weekend, so I will be able to truley test the edges of the skis.
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Not to hijack, but anything on crowds at Wildcat? Heading up tonite and hope the masses stay at Attitash and BW.
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Thanks all. I guess we'll try Stratton and get rid of those free tickets that I can not longer stand to have with me.
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