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Omeglass 64 Race stock 155cm

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In decent condition with around 30 days on them. 3 degree side and either .5 or 1 on the base as I've forgotten. One scratch down the center from stepping over something. Well waxed and hotboxed. FIS legal from 04. Bindings are a P18 so 8-18 on the DIN. Have the lift plates too. Plates on the skis have two mounts and are the mount what you want plates. P18's are the blue and red world cups so they match. The second mount is for the P18 on the lifters which are around 8mm. Currently set up for a 26.5 without the plates but could go one size up or down off my 305mm sole. Depending on if you want to use the lifters or not, you could go smaller without new holes. Sidewall has been skyvered to allow more edge angle tuning. $120 for the skis and $100 for the bindings plus shipping is my asking price. Can provide pictures to those that are intersted via e-mail at slambson at idadot net. Paypal etc...accepted and shipping would be from 83204 but is not included in the price.
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Interested in the P18's PM sent.
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Yah, seems to be a common theme. Only a few interested in the skis though. Here is the deal, I want to sell the bindings with the skis. If someone wants the skis alone then I'll consider it but I'm selling the skis foremost due to the previous mounts.

I have 16 pictures of skis and bindings.

The bindings show far more usage than the skis and are a bit beat up with paint missing that I touched up with a blue paint marker.

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First and second buyers backed out. Found out the toes have been mounted three times while the heels have been twice. Mounts are into the metal lifter plate so no big deal in my opinion but......

Dropped a jig on the ski and the toe and heel matching heel mounts are at 282, 292, and 302. The optional plastic lifter plates, (not pictured) I'll include with the bindings, mount in the same hole and are offset 10mm so they push the toe fore 10mm and the heel aft 10mm. Lots of options especially if you have a bigger foot. The aluminum mounting plate is plenty rugged for a second mount. I will separate the two but I need to sell the skis first.

Make offers at slambson at idadot net, see pics of the previous plate mounts below

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Sold the skis
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