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Anyone been there lately,
Websites not showing too much these days.
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We were there a week ago. What are you looking for? We had blue skies and really low temps for the week, but we had a lot of fun.
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Just got through a 25cm snow day today - the first in a couple weeks...we were spoiled through Jan, and start of Feb...

Coverage is excellent - and now with this new snow, and the continuing snow forecasted for this week and into next week, it should be a good time. The place was empty today - guess all the spring break crowds heading home - it's been fairly quiet all year compared to most years.
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Skied there Sat. 23 cm Sat night. coverage good. Prior to new snow little icey mid to low in am. lower softens up in pm , alpine holding up quite well. should all be good (great) after sat night dump. more snow expected thru week.No real crowds to speak of.
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Friend of mine was up there last weekend. Said it was great.

Supposedly the crowds have been light this year due to the drop in the US dollar and increase in the Canadian Dollar vs most other currencies.

I'll be there two weeks from today!!! C'mon snow!

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