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Ski The Cornfields of Southern Indiana - 2-19-06

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So I got my new skis and boots after a lot of advice from people on this board and I wanted to try them out before I went out west for my big trip to Park City in 2 weeks. I have few options when it comes to skiing living in central Indiana but I found the place best at making snow, and decided to make a day of it.

A buddy of mine and I headed to Perfect North Slopes in Lawrenceburgh, IN. For $40 you get 8hrs of skiing, a 400 ft vertical, and all this crazy terain.

Unfortunatly we chose the coldest day of the year to ski. It was horrible cold. Additionally, because it was presidents day weekend the mountain was covered with beginners who had no idea what they were doing. I am not bitching about people no knowing how to ski, because of course everyone has to learn at sometime or another. My real complaint was the complete lack of understanding of the lift or even the operators to keep things running smoothly or safely (they did neither).

I got knocked over getting off a lift by a guy I was riding with because he was trying to avoid a pile in front of the lift unload ramp (apparnetly 3 newbies wiped out 5 feet in front of the lift ramp is not enough reason to stop the lift) and when I fell I hurt my tailbone that is still a little sore.

All in all the 'snow' quality was pretty good. They had the snow machines on half the mountain and that made for some painful but traffic free conditions. If you ever head to PNS, make sure you don't go on presidents day weekend - your blind spot will thank you.

Before I get flamed for skiing a midwest hill, I am just going to get a warmup for my trip, and wanted to test my gear before I got to Utah and had no chance to remedy any of my problems (at least from my retailer who would do so for free/cheap)

and now some photos
Doesn't really do justice to the mass of humanity at the base, or the snowboarders laying across the path in front of the line.

Me breaking in my new gear, posing at the top of the hill - not enough hill to really get an 'action' shot

This is about 1/2 of the way down the 'long' run.

My buddy Jeremy, did well for not having been on skis for 6+ years.
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No reason to get flamed for skiing a midwestern molehill. In fact, its where I log most of my ski hours. And despite your less than glowing review, PNS is pretty amazing for where it is, and what he has to work with. They actually opened the weekend before Thankgiving, and the whole place was skiable in the first week in December, and he has pretty much been 100% open since. Canaan Valley only had about 60% of their runs open this past weekend, only a week after a 14" dump. They even have some pretty interesting terain for their modest 400' of vertical.

Yes, they can get hopelessly packed on the weekends, and even worse when it is a holiday weekend. Things were pretty tough last weekend at Canaan Valley (Sat) and Timberline (Sun) too, and both are pretty far off of the beaten path. BTW, it was 5 deg F at Timberline Sunday morning.

If you ever have a chance, try it during the week, they are open till 9:30PM. Also, it you turn your ticket in before 4 hours, they will give you either $5 cash or $10 on a PNS debit card. There is also a 5 for the price of 4 pass.

As I've said before, I'm very grateful to have PNS nearby. I probably wouldn't be a skier otherwise.

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I guess I was a little harsh on the place. Let me make my review more clear. For what you are paying for and where it is, it's a steal. If you wanted you could ski for 16 hours for $60($3.75/hr). There are some nice runs for central indiana. I wasn't expecting Snowbird or Alta quality skiing. What I was expecting however was that they would know how to manage their lifts and do so to keep people safe and moving (they did a poor job of both). I did talk to a guy who had a season pass who said it was just awesome durring the week.

My biggest problem was all the rank beginners combined with their level of supervision and ski patrol. I think I may give them a solo shot next thursday or the following tuesday (how it fits into my schedule)
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No flame here, I ski'd my local 240 vert hill last night with my youngest kid and had a blast as always...(Yawgoo Valley RI)

theat place looks pretty good to me......I'd get a season pass and rip it up midweek nites......(assume they have night skiing?) or improve a bit and sign up for ITC at the ski school (or join ski patrol) and ski for free....I did that throughout the 90's (ski school)

Can't get to be a good skier by talkin about it....pouring on the miles at local hill =

and you can't beat skiing for free.......:

Great post!! Thanks for sharing it....
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Looks like you had fun! Thanks for the TR.
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I was just giving you a hard time. Hopefully, no offense taken.

I fully agree, it can become a zoo on a nice weekend, and worse on a holiday weekend. As for patrollers, I see more at PNS than at almost any other hill that I've been to. And, two weeks ago, when I skiing with my 10yo son on a Thursday evening, I personally watched three patrollers having a little "pow wow" followed by some ticket clipping action. Three high schoolers were getting a bit obnoxious, dropping off the side of the "Runway" trail, then popping back up to pull big air across the path of less experienced folk. I don't have any personal connection to the hill, but if you have an issue, talk to a patroller. From what I see, although they are all voluteer, they take their work seriously.

They can also be surprisingly helpful at the ticket window. They gave me a $50 rebate, after we found out that my sons "January Kids Lesson Plan Pass" was essentially the same as a "Silver Pass" and allowed him one day skiing per week throughout the season. Without realizing the potential of the pass, I had purchased two lift passes for my son in December. The refund was based on my word only, although it could have been verified, is she cared to dig, and was done with a smile.

Weekdays, they are open till 9:30PM. Weekends are till 3AM, but you probably want to avoid the late night session. If you really want to go nuts, 2006-07 season passes just went on sale. Something like $190 nabs a Silver (one day per week, for the season), plus 2 tickets for whatever is left of this season. Their website, and audio (telephone) report is also honest and helpful in deciding if a visit is worthwhile, from a snow conditions standpoint.

If you look around, there are a surprising number of good to excellent skiers there. Not to start and argument, but it was a bit more open before they allowed borders three years ago. Chip Perfect, the son, took over from the father, Clyde Perfect, and PNS was no longer a ski only area.

Sure, I wish I had Alta in my backyard, but what we have is pretty good.
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Yeah oour hill is almost as big as mine, lucky mine is near 3000 feet in elevation, although only 430 feet of vert. Mole hills are fun and trust me you can become very very good on these small icey hills.

"Ski shit or be shit" and do it with a smile on your face.
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