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Tecnica Icon Carbon

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Anyone out there who can tell me what shell to use for my Carbon Technica┬┤s? There are 3 possible configurations: Orange on both sides=soft, orange and black=not so soft and black on both sides=hard
Is as hard as possible best for the flex? Or do you prefer a softer shell when you go offpist?

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It really depends on how aggressive you are. I know alot of people who have the carbon on the insides of their boots and the orange on the outsides. So that the boots are still laterally stiff but give a little more flex forard.
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After tinkering a bit, I've settled on the orange, soft cuffs. I ski mid-fat K2 X15s at a level 8 and think the softer cuff gives me more comfort and forgiveness while maintaining adequate lateral stiffness due to the Carbon's shell design. You really don't need race-boot stiffness for all-mountain skiing, unless you're super aggressive and hauling a$$ like Nobis in that latest clip from Owens. I think a lot of people leave the Carbon stiff just for their ego.
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I've been using the orange cuffs (both sides). This way the boot feels about the same in flex, or maybe a little softer than my previous Technica Explosion 8. I've never tried the black cuff or any of the combinations. With the orange cuff it feels equally good on soft snow with Volant Machette G and PK's. Haven't been on hard snow with them.
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I have Explosion 8's.. what are you guys talking about? Seems interesting.
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Great advice by all - Another consideration is your weight. I'm a level 9, weigh 200 and ski very aggressivly all day, all snow. I ski with all carbon cuffs. I'm skiing the Mod X Pro, Volkl G41s and G31s all in a 188 w/ markers.. great combinations.
Take all the stuff to the mountain and "play" around with the combinations - you need to decide, don't just choose and go by what another skier tells you. Ski all the combinations, you'll figure it out!
Good luck.
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