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Lars trip II

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Will be in Summit County tomorrow afternoon. The only thing I'm sure of at this time is we'll be skiing Copper Friday.

The rest of the trip is pot luck. More than likely, Breck, Vail and ABasin.

Will have my laptop with so post or pm me and maybe we can hook up to ski or at least have a brew or two.
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Hey Lars, I'll be skiing Copper on Friday as well with a bunch of folks (non-Bears). Would be great to make some turns. Meeting at Center Village, in front of the main ticket window, at 8:30am. I'll be wearing an olive-and-black Mountain Hardwear jacket, gray pants, blue helmet, red Nordica boots.
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Well, couldn't use my laptop as the condo I rented didn't have a hookup. Sorry I was really out of touch. Anyhow, had a wonderful time skied Copper Friday in wonderful sunshine. Bluest sky I've ever seen in Colorado. Great snow conditions. Spent the day skiing the bowls as the front was crowded. Asked some mountain ambassadors if they could get a message to Steve or Lisa M with a reply that made me feel stupid, so that's as far as I got with that. Skied Vail Saturday in awesome sunshine. Good snow conditions again. Packed powder with some pow in the Basin. Best run of the day? All of them. Logshute was the best bump run. Skied ABasin Sunday. Beach party atmosphere. Hardpack and fast with the Pali chair sides getting soft and the bumps there were nice. Skied Breck Monday and there was absolutely no one there. ski on ski off everywhere. Hiked the top and the view was like I have never seen before. You could see Longs peak, Pikes, Maroon Bells, Mt. Elbert, and beyond. Skied all the upper peaks before the wind came up. Did alot of hikes and traverses to all the tops. Hardpack but carvable. Skied alone most of the morning but had a blast.
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We were also at Copper 2/22-2/26. Foxpine Inn by the SuperBee. Also on the backside all day friday. We were the ones building the Kicker to the south of where the Cat picks you up for Tucker Mt.
Fun time was had by all, even lost a little Blood on the kicker.
And, Yes that was some BLUE-Sky for 3 days in a row!
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Too bad we all missed each other -- I was also at Copper on Friday and Vail on Saturday with some buddies.

Spent the Copper day in Copper, Jupiter, Spaulding and Reso bowls -- found pretty good conditions most of the day despite the dry spell (particularly good were Spaulding bowl and the far western edge (by the rope) of West Ridge in Copper bowl).

Spent the whole day in Vail in the Back Bowls and Blue Sky Basin -- gorgeous day again!
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I'm sure we saw each other faisasy. Started the day in Reso before the sun warmed it up. Made a few passes there and a couple bump runs. Then headed over the back for a cat trip up Tucker. Hiked and skied the Nacho. Spent the rest of the morning skiing the rocks and riding the Chief. Spaulding, Union and finally took a break over at the TRex. Clouded up a bit so I cruised the front with the Wife till my thighs exploded.

Vail was awesome on Saturday wasn't it? That first run down Gengis Kahn in the sun was epic. Almost as good as a foot of fresh. Spent the whole morning and half the day in Blue Sky. I bet we passed each other and didn't know it. Had a red Marmot shell with black Marmot pants, blue sunglasses and a Nepalese knit hat with long tassles.

Skied the front for a few, highline was magnificent and had dry loose snow all through the bumps. Hit the log chute on the way to the Red Lion for a cold Fat Tire while the wife shopped.

Iam so lucky.
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