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Post your best ski photos from this season! Please?! - Page 4

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Tyrone- sweet pics. I had seen the Hospital Air ones before, The SA ones made me drool
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Here is what it is like out on my street today!

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Ski touring with my dog before Fernie opened around the end of October.

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Photo Bucket Test

The Andes From my Santiago Hotel room

Str8Line Camp (Pic by GT40)

More Straitline Camp
(Pic By GT40)
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I'll play

^^ NIce pics Mike ^^

Not sure if these are my best photos of the season but I have these at work so here they are...Sunday March 26th at Mt Rose...

This got my heart thumping...

here's a 4 shot "burst mode" powder sequence...

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Heres another one that I liked:
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X-Eastcoaster I think this is my favorite out of the bunch. Where is this (Chutes but where?

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Perhaps not my best, but is there really a bad ski or moutain pic, sorry about the size.

Sunshine Village April 08, 2006

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Originally Posted by MTT
X-Eastcoaster I think this is my favorite out of the bunch. Where is this (Chutes but where?
It was my favorite pic too...maybe I shouldn't have cluttered it up with the other shots. Not positive but I think it was in the Beehive gate and to the right - one of my favorite spots on the hill!

There are some really nice photos in here...I love Zion's high speed pic

Keep them coming...
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the headwall in Saturday's 3k+ ft ascent of Tucks in NH.

The pitch about halfway up the headwall at Tuckerman Ravine, with Wildcat in the background. Makes the cat look pretty tame, eh?

Hiking Cody (Jackson OB) on a bluebird day.

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big winds and cold at the top of tucks, looking past the bowl over into Boott Spurr in sunny NH.

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Billd- you should probably level out your camera first next time before you take a "pitch" picture. The horizon in the background is angled about 5-10 degrees.
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although i was holding onto an ice axe for dear life when i was taking that shot, i do think i was pretty much centered and level before snapping the pic. there were big winds! up to 90mph that day with very high sustained, but i digress. we were climbing up a bit of a chute (see how the horizon is curved) which was part of a major bowl (which is also curved) and check out how the footsteps are pointing straight up in my camera, they are not perpendicular to the "horizon" because that's straight up.

you know i used to think that pics of jackson were off kilter too, until i realized it was the rock formations which are angled, and not the cameras
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Its a nice picture, don't get me wrong... but everything in the picture is slanted- the horizon and the clouds.
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lol oh i thought you were talking about the footsteps picture. yeah the pitch pic does look a bit off doesn't it?
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The camera is level----Its the Earth that is round,,,this is photo evidence!!!
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Horizon? You guys had a horizon?

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All these 3 were taken in Courchevel at the beginning of Feb 06

A "Nebelmeer" (sea of fog) is quite common in the Alps:

and again - La Tania is somewhere under all that lot!:

For those that know it, this was taken at the top of the Boulevard des Gravelles, looking up towards Creux and the Rochers Grises

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GALA Yuzawa, Niigata, Japan

GALA Yuzawa, Niigata, Japan
December 26, 2005

They had more snow than ever this year!

That's my Baby Doll

I got that one on video!

A visit from Mr. Freezemeister

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Mt Baldy,Thunder Mountain 4.1.06

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Looking through the trees at Tahoe from Heavenly

Leaving the Best Western in Truckee for Squaw

Coming out of the trees at Squaw
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Monday at Kirkwood with the trusty fuji disposable

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Thread Starter 
Well, these are pretty boring, compared to some of the great shots posted here recently. . . my husband and I haven't skied together in a month or so, and I don't do too well photographing on my own. When I'm with my Dad, well, who needs too many photos of blue groomers? In any case, though, I figured I would mark the end of my season with a couple of pictures. . .

This photo is worthy, because it's my Dad, skiing in China Bowl at Vail. Thirteen years ago, he destroyed his knee (multiple fractures) on Straight Shot in Sun Down Bowl and sort of chickened out on ever skiing again. About five years ago I managed to convince him that skiing was still fun, that his knee was strong again, and that he needed to try these *newfangled, parabolic skis.* Took him awhile to get his cojones strapped on and his form back, but now he is happily cruising the blues whenever he has the time, which is rarely.

As for this one, it's the last day of my season. 40F+ up on the mountain (61F at the base), sun out, Holy Cross Wilderness crisp and clear in the background. . . and baby on board! This one better like skiing, since he/she was exposed (and even instructed) in utero. The older one decided he loves it, and that's just because he saw Mommy's skis all the time!
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Following my guide into Big Couloir, Big Sky:
(Sorry, couldn't work out how to paste photo into message.)
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Fixed it for ya Martin

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I edited this photo for a close-up. I guess I like posting picks of (ME)
on the interweb

So here it is.
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Very good PIC!

This is a very nice shot of Baldy
Good work
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