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Was This A Mistake?

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Just a while ago I bought a pair of Elan RIPstick 178cm. I am 150 lbs
5' 11 1/4" tall. I am also a very agressive skier. I am a Stowe boy, so that means steeps, ice, etc... mid you I am still growing so... Was this the right choice? Or should I have bought them in a 170 cm? I have not tried them out yet, but will be in breckenridge very soon.
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My opinion is that you will be fine with the 178 length.

I am 135lbs and ski a 186 at Stowe all the time.
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Thanks, Words from another stowe guy who lives near philly.
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you got pre-trip gitters or what?

I think you could have gone too short. I don't know the dimentions of the Ripstick but you should be fine. Hell you'll like the 178 fine for breck. Have fun.
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