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Hi all,
Long time reader, first time poster.
I just recently bought a pair of 159 Atomic Izor 7:5s and I'm starting to second guess myself (got a good deal though--$420 w/ bindings). I thought I did plenty of research on the skis, but now I'm wondering if they're not enough ski for me. I was under the impression they are a great all-mountain ski and would be a blast to ski on, but did I get a ski I can't really grow into?
I'm about 5'8, 155 lbs and I'm an advanced skier. I ski here in UT and stick primarily to the blacks and would like to do more back country runs and want to start doing some moguls as well. My current skis (hand-me-downs from the dad) are Salomon Xscreams, but I think they are a little too heavy and long for my taste.
I haven't ridden the Izors yet, but I have paid for them. Should I take them back and trade them in for more of an advanced-expert ski, or should I keep them and see if they are something I could grow into?
Thanks in advance!
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[quote=lagguer]I'm an advanced skier. quote]

If you're really an advanced skier, you made a very poor choice. You can't grow into a ski that you're already beyond! The 7.5 is an intermediate ski at best.

If you're stuck on Atomic, I'd suggest you look at either the M10 or M11. Both of the skis would handle your desires to expand your terrain choices.
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Imho, the Izor 7.5 is not a good ski for an advanced skier.
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Thanks for the advice. I usually just ski on what I receive as hand me downs, and never really give it much thought. But now that I bought some new ones, I want to make the right choice. However, the Izor 7:5 obviously wasn't. So I'll take them back.
Besides the Atomic M11, what are some other great all mountain skis I should look into?
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