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Goggles/Lens for Day and Night

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I am looking for a good pair of Goggles with a lens that can be used Day or Night. I ski in a variety of conditions and I am looking for a goggle that will work good in a variety of conditions.

I am sure this is not the best way to go as I am sure clear is very good or a hi-viz for night, but I am willing to loose a little for the benefit of one pair.

I have been thinking of purchasing a helmet as well, so Goggles that work with a helmet might be a plus.

My friend uses the Smith Sensor lens and uses it day and night, but I have yet to try it.
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I have Scott goggles with the Light Amplifier lens and I've found it quite OK for both night and bright daytime conditions, and very good in flat light.

My sons have Oakley goggles with the Persimmon lens, which they also use in all conditions.
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I think the Oakley's with the persimmon lense is a little too dark at night for me, but I will take a look at the Scott goggles with the light amplifier lens for sure.
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Carrera Kimerik goggles are one of the better units to go with...simply because in addition to the great lenses that they come with, you can buy the WC racing lenses for dirt cheap. In addition, the lenses are so easy to swap in and out, it's ridiculous! I go with the WC Gold lens for almost all of my skiing, and the double-lens equivalent that the goggle sometimes comes with is called SuperGold. I highly recommend that goggle and lense combination!
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The Persimmon aint to dark at night, unless with night you mean "not lit-up area" like out in the powder, but who wanna ski pow nighttime? The Persimmon is really good at everything, except really bright conditions, but its not like you can't look, they are still better than any other normal non-mirror lens!
If you want something that go well with a helmet then A-fram och Crowbar is your choice, but bring the helmet to the store, after you've bought it, to really make sure it fits the goggles...
You can use Wisdoms aswell, but then you'll need to buy helmetstrap!
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I have a set of Scott's with a light rose colored light amplifier lens. It works great at cutting the glare on a bright day, and I can still see very well once the sun goes down and the lights come on.

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