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Snow Summit, CA

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Am gonna be out in southern California the first full week of March and will make a drive up to Snow Summit for a day. Any suggestions/opinions on what's good there right now (ski mainly East Coast but am roughly an intermediate level at Western areas)? Thanks.
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Just go surfing and save your money for beer!
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I grew up skiing Snow Summit & Goldmine. Although I have a soft place in my heart for those places, I have admit that they aren't anything better than an average east coast resort. Icy or slushy, not much in between. You probably are better off going surfing, especially this season. Watch out for cold water though.

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Got a Snowboard Got Tatoos? If so go. If not follow the others advice and go surfing. A trip to The Baja would be a much better. Stop in Puerto Nuevo for a really great Mexican style Lobster dinner.
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thats sad i skied summit and Goldmine in the early 80's and fell in love with the people at goldmine. I guess times have changed
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Don't bother skiing here this year. If you really want to ski, make the 5 hour drive to Mammoth, it's really worth it. Even if you just ski one day.
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thanks for all the suggestions! my uncle lives in san diego and as it turns out has a couple extra tickets to snow summit and suggested to bring the skis in the event we got a chance to go, but it's good to hear y'all's opinion about it. any skiing is better than none at all, especially if the tickets are already provided. will definitely try and hit up the beach too! thanks again.
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