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Park City Ski Shops

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Anyone have good recommendations on ski shops in the PC area?

I'm bringing my Atomic R-10's with me. But they're not great in bumps (some of that's me!) and they sink in anything deeper than 3in. I've been looking for a better all mountain all season and just haven't decided, so I'd like to demo and if I love the ski buy it. Right now it's probably between Volkl AC3's and Head M.77's.
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Originally Posted by Scalce

Aren't you funny. Sorry I missed your thread when I was scrolling. I'd delete this thread if I could
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Let us know how well everything works out on the sofa tonight.
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Utah ski and golf under the Town lift- Volkl , Head, K2, Dynastar & most others (I'm not sure about Atomics) $30ish a day, see Steve or anybody for that matter. Best gear prices is Utah, often less than online.
Cole Sport at the Resort Center- Volkl, Blizzard, Soli, Dynastar, more- also good rates on demos. Great staff- see Eric or anyone. Coles does a great tune.
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