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stinkfoot/need the cure

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My son took off his boots yesterday. The cats ran out of the room and flies dropped from the walls and ceiling.

He had the dreaded stinkfoot of the liners...

Does anyone out there have a wonder cure?

I left those things out in the bed of the pickup last night I was hoping that some critter would mistake them for carion.
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Never had that problem, but know some that have had it. Pull and dry the liners between ski outings. Spray the liner and his feet with deoderant or anti persperant every time he puts his foot in the boot. May be too late to save this boot, but do it for sure when he gets a new boot. This will definitly save it and you and the flies will stay away.
Another problem could be moisture between the liner and the shell, sometimes that gets skunky too. pull and wipe them down with lysol disenfectant. Should help.
If it holds snow-It can be skied!

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Old southern trick:

Put coal in the boot for a few days. That'll take out any unwanted smell.
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Try this trick: (1) Shower and wash feet thoroughly, especially between the toes - and do it every day. (2) After showering and thoroughly washing feet, use a strong deoderant ANTIPERSPIRANT clear gel such as Arrid XX. Be sure to rub it between the toes and all over the foot, in a thin but thorough covering - and do it EVERY DAY. This stinky foot thing has to do with regular hygiene and not just when the ski boots are worn. As for the current stinky liners, here's a variation of the coal trick: After placing the coal into the liners - BURN THEM! It's too late for redemption now. Start over and stay clean. Do I have strong feelings about this subject? You bet your feet!!!! With soap, water, and todays antiperspirant deoderants, there just is no need, and neither is there any excuse, for putting up with stinky feet - or stinky bodies in general, for that matter. It is my own belief that the percentage of humans who have a genetic predisposition to smelling bad, even with good regular hygiene, is very, very small. I am the father of two sons, one now 22 and the other almost 15. Believe me, I have had personal experience with both the problem and the solution. I hope readers will take this post seriously, but also in good humor. Thank you.<FONT size="1">

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P.S. Dry the liners anyway. I have one of those dryers onto which you place the boot cuffs down/sole up, and it is not necessary to remove the liners [what a chore THAT is!!] Works great.
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"Get down Oboe" I see those new skis have got the feisty side of you coming out. That's great! Actually, the guy who had the locker right below mine in the patrol room, had real bad smelling feet. He got the message when I left three stick ups attached to his locker door. haha!

If it holds snow-It can be skied!
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Ah cmon you guys where's the European in you.
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Hey Yuki, go to a local dive shop and pick up one of the products used for getting the smell out of diving gear , I use one called "Sink the Stink " . There are a few more that work the same but can't recall the names . You'll have to soak the liners in it , but life will be better after.
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Burn the liners! BURN THEM!!!
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wash the liner in tomato juice and then dry them...it works wonders...tomato juice is pretty good at getting rid of odors. Worked when my dog got skunked one day lol...if there's anything leather in the boot tho...the smell won't come out of the leather object.

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You have to approach this from two directions. First there is the equipment. Remove the liners from the shells, and then remove the footbeds from the liners, let them all dry overnight. To remove the current stench, a few good remedies have already been stated above. Charcoal or powder tend to absorbe the moisture, you may need to disinfect using lysol or the like as well.

Second, you need to help your son with his foot hygene. If he is racing, have him pack two pair of ski socks for the day. Change his socks at the halfway point. (before he puts on the second pair, wipe down his feet with a dry towel, and reapply some powder) He needs to clean his feet better, soap and water with a brush. Once he gets in the habit, it'll be fine. I do it as part of my shower every day. Using a spray powder on the feet before he puts on his socks will help to absorb some of the sweat and the stench. It will also reduce the athletes foot that results.

Best of luck
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The Arrid XX clear gel antiperspirant deoderant, rubbed on the foot and between the toes, works far better than any liquid or powder spray, in my own experience, and it is very, very effective drastically to curtail and even eliminate foot perspiration and odor. I stand by my post(s) above as the most effective way(s) on earth to deal with this problem. I mean, if you think I get emotional about skis, well then, I'm right over the top on this! But my boots and my son's boots smell wonderful! [imho]<FONT size="1">

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Thanks for the remedies.

The boots will probably be burned in a week or two if we can get him new boots. Nordic style.. strapped to his old skis, set aflame and sent off down a hill.

Oboe: I'll send you the charred remains or at least video the event.
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yuki, you have made my day [hey! who out there sa1d "get a life"?!] I am pleased beyond words that you have seen the true light and will dispose of the old warriors in such high minded and dignified fashion. I wish I could attend, but I have promised to attend the burning of my son's friend's tennis shoes [I've been waiting YEARS for this! heh heh! AT LAST!!] Presentation of the charred remains - or the video, as you will prefer - shall be graciously received here are the burial grounds of "Stinkfoot Heaven". And to the old liners: Good night, sweet prints [foot prints, get it?] and flights of skibums sing thee to thy rest! [GOSH, it feels SO GOOD to get this out of my system!]
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A good dose of activated charchol placed in the boots to absorb the oders and moisture. The boots should be stored off the floor and their sides, so air can circulate and dry out the toe box.

Use a boot dryer, if it is needed, and have your son change his socks every time he skis. Make sure he isn't wearing cotton or cotton blend socks. Very important !!!!

If his feet perspire a lot, then a good anti-perspirant deoderant should be sprayed on his feet, before he puts his socks on.

I hope the above is useful.
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