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SWIX ski poles

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I purchased a pair of Swix Cobra 12 ski poles a couple weeks ago and broke one down by the basket on Sunday. The assiciate who sold me the poles said there was a lifetime warranty on the Swix poles (why I took them over the Leki WC) but when I brought them back today, another associate was not so sure. Does anyone know the policy Swix has (whether it is pole specific or anything) and what can I expect if there is no warranty (what should I do) or what would the procedure likely be if there is a warranty. Thanks for all your help.
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I broke my swix WC GS pole at the bend a year or two ago. I went to the shop, told them what happened, and they sent it back to swix. Swix sent them a new pole for me, which I was subsequently shipped. Easy!
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I've found that even if a company has a limited warranty, if you explain to them what happened and ask to receive a replacement, many will do it for free, or for a very small fee. Such is the case with Spyder, Bose, etc etc. It isn't worth the company having their name ruined over a defective product. Many realize that the QC isn't perfect and are willing to give the customer the benefit of the doubt.
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used to be lifetime in the mid 90's, then 3 years after that, and now 1-2 years depending on the pole.

Never stopped me sending them back if i break them mind.
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