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Boot(?) fit / alignment advice requested

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Hello everyone. I used to post very occasionally a few years ago, but seem to have lost my old ID. Very happy to see that old posters are still around and quality discussions are everywhere.

I would like to tap into the tremendous knowledge pool as I search to correct, what I believe are alignment issues. I am an intermediate/advanced skier, who can most of the mountain with varying degrees of grace and precision. I feel most challenged by very steep bumps and ice.

I have noticed that I have balance issues with my left leg. Even when not skiing, I find it harder to maintain balance on my left leg: for example when skipping rope on one-leg. Part of it is that muscles there are slightly weaker, but it seems that I might have some alignment issue with my foot. I wear a size 12.5 (6'3 200lbs). When standing on the ball of my left foot, I find that my natural stance places too much weight on the outside (pinky side.) The same subtle imbalance can be sensed I've placed my full weight on the whole left foot (as opposed to just the ball) though obviosly it is less dramatic.

When skiing, this alignment issue manifests itself in me finding it hard to ski one-legged on the left ski, as I tend to stay more on the outside edge, and it is hard for me to engage the inside edge well. I can sense the same problem when skiing fast down steeper slopes: when the downhill ski is the left ski it feels much less stable and I find it more difficult to engage the inside edge properly (for example I often need to try pushing my knee in more or pressing forward more throughout the turn, until I find the "sweet spot" on the left ski.) In contrast, I feel much more stable on my right ski and can apply the right amount of forward/lateral pressure.

Having read much of the boot fitting/alignment discussion, I believe I may benefit from that. My boots are a little on the large side and I will be buying a new pair soon, so I want to get it fitted properly. I previosuly had custom footbeds made at Mel Cotton's in San jose, and had a mostly negative experience with an incompetent fitter and little feedback/interaction.

I have a couple of questions for anyone who read this far:
1. having read about my alignment issue ont he left ski (harder to engage inside edge): what would you look to correct: footbed, cuff, grind base, lifts etc?: Bear in mind it the issue might be caused not by my foot but by angle of knee, lower leg, etc. I am aware that the problem cannnot be diagnosed/fixed over the internet, but any advice/discussion will be very valuable to me as I try to address the issue.

2. Any recommendations for a good boot-fitter in the bay area or South Tahoe? Any reccomendations on the fitting process altogether?

Some of these questions may have been answered previosuly: if so, please direct me to relevant threads (I have read quite a few)

Thanks in advance.
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Gnarsed....First and foremost, get in front of a bootfitter who knows his or her stuff....possibly a fitter with pedorthic knowledge (obvious). That said, the first thing that I would look for is a possible leg length descrepancy (longer on left) with compensatory inward rotation (valgum) and
compensatory pronatory movement at the ankle (subtalar) joint. If there is a true length descrepancy, lifting the short side can make a difference. After the lift is installed, a lateral/medial knee assessment can be made for canting purposes.

1st - get leg length measured
2nd- get footbed assessment
3rd- test for medial/lateral alignment

Last...I don't like the fact that your boot is "too big", this usually will amplify any imbalance in alignment. Don't waste time with this boot if it doesn't fit...get one that does and start from there.
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Thanks for your response. This is exactly the kind of feedback that is very helpful. I'm not sure where to look for a good bootfitter though. Any suggestions?

I believe my legs are the same length (though I'll get it measured), and the imbalance (I hope I didn't make it sound extreme ) is due to the angle at which my foot rests on a flat surface: For example my shoes(left and right) tend to wear out more on the outside, which has to be some kind of indication of alignment problems. I have relativey low arches.

I agree with you that large-ish boots are a concern, and that's why I wanted to use the services of a knowledgable bootfitter in buying my next pair.
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what cant said .....

go on a ski trip, stop by the resort stores on day #1, and go back to the one with the most knowledge (tell then the issues, not your solutions) and buy the boots they recomend... You will be back for few more visits, but they should be able to work it out in a day or so
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How do you measure leg length? Is there a way to check it yourself?
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think they measured mine from top of hip bone to heel while i was laying down
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Doug H...Almost impossible to check leg length yourself unless you have an x-ray of both legs. Usually i'll check the level of hips first at the "ASIS" (anterior superior iliac spine), next the shoulders, and then check their leg length with the patient/customer lying down on their back. Leg length descrepancy is often overlooked at the ski shop "bootfitter" level (probably 98 - 99% of the time) and correction can provide great benefits.
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