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Single Chair Ale

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Took a day off from my VT/QC skiing vacay (during the oddly warm temps/rains/70mph winds of Friday the 17) and did a little side trip to get some free tastys from the Magic Hat Brewery. Tasted their new (I think?) Single Chair Ale. I guess designed with the spirit of MRG in mind.

Super yummy stuff. (Liked the Mardi Gras Ale a bit more, but I've always had a thang for darker beers) A nice hoppy ale, if ya like em.

Plus they had this pretty sweet tee shirt for sale that had a picture of an oldschool chairlift and the MRG logo on the back and stuff.
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Love those hops, gotta try all the new stuff.
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Going to have to check that out...thanks!!
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Stark's has been selling it for a while (2+ years at least).
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