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Best Utah resort for beginner

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I'm going to be in NM the last week in March and intended to take my almost 6yr old daughter skiing whilst there. I was thinking about Taos but I'm wary about the snow as they seem to be having a comparitively poor season. I'm now coming round to the idea of nipping up to Utah instead. I've never been there and would welcome some suggestions as to the resorts best suited for children. My daughter has only had a couple of weeks skiing before. Or should I go for Colorado?
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At Brighton, kids under 10 ski free with an adult. So there sure will be lots of kids for your daughter to ski with.

But I don't know if her daddy likes the idea of skiing at a place where the average age on the slopes is the same as a Wiggles concert.

Brighton's beginner lift is set to about 18 inches off the ground, making it ideal for 6-year-olds who are learning; but a bit tough on grownups......

Don't some other areas (Snowbird?) have kids ski free deals?

If she takes to skiing/riding and can handle intermediate terrain, Brighton has a "ski with a ranger" program. A parks service volunteer takes out a small group & points out the different kids of trees, animal habitat, etc.

Alta's ski school area has tow ropes, and some kids like that better.
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Also, in case you or her are interested in this, Salt Lake City has a Children's Museum, a Natural History Museum with exhibits that kids will like, a small Planetarium and a tiny Aquarium.

Kids also like Wheeler Farm (a historic farm, with animals). Thanksgiving Point is a bit of a haul, but kids like the animals there & the dinosaur museum.
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Here's the page from the Skiutah.com site with kids' info. Some of the things they mention are season passes; but this page does have good information on which areas offer cheaper skiing for kids.

Kids ski the chairs free at Snowbird with an adult ticket.
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RSLfan, Thanks for the info and the links its been very useful.
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My favorite places for kids are Alta and Sundance(pics on Park City questions thread) because they both have large beginner's areas without
traffic from uphill blasting through. Both have good ski schools. Both are relitively inexpensive. Alta is a world class big mountain with a gladed flat basin in it's "lap" perfect or kids and beginners. Sundance is a small but very charming area with lots of broad low angle groomers and little woods tracks that kids love.

I've always found a flaw or two with most of the others, PCMR has a lone bunny hill with a slow lift and a loooong line. It's adjacent beginners area has high speed fools zooming through bowling children.That's my main gripe with the others too. Snowbasin is great because there are so few other skiers and lots of low angle terrain, but it's out of the way.

Deer Valley, of course, is in a class by itself. The staff is everywhere and top notch, put 'em in ski school and they don't want to leave.The bunny hill is great and has no access from above so no "bowling" effect, and unless they changed policy, you can ride the bunny lifts on Wide West for an $18 ticket. DV is becoming more like skiing in Central Park than on a big western mountain because of all the fancy log mansions and hotels everywhere. But the turkey chile is great and they do kids better than anyone.
If the free lift ticket is really important, I'd suggest Snowbird with "Big Emma". It's been a long time since I've been to Solitude, and I don't much care for Brighton- others may know better. My kids have free under seven season passes at PCMR and I've yet to take them- that's my opinion of the kids area there.(the back bowls are a different story)

I should add= this is splitting hairs- it's all pretty fantastic. If it isn't sunny, it's snowing, Another great season in Utah- that makes two back to back.
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SOlitude and Alta have great ski schools, a beginners area un "attacked" from above by experts AND world class skiing for you while the youngin is in lessons.
cant go wrong.
bot have great slopeside lofging or you can stay in Sandy and take the bus up.
lots of info on that option here if you search

and good to see a Real Sandy fan here
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Matt, we were just lulling everybody into a false sense of security last season..........
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Thanks for the info, Mr Crab.

So Deer Valley is worth the extra drive (I live in the SL Valley) and the extra expense compared to some of the other places if I want to get my 4-year-old started right?

I had always taken the "If you have to ask how much it costs to ski at Deer Valley, you can't afford it" attitude.

But I should be able to find discount tickets or next year, I could pick up that deerlocals deal.
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Originally Posted by RSLFan
Matt, we were just lulling everybody into a false sense of security last season..........
well now matter how good the team is, a footbal stadium in Sandy instead of downtown is asinine
also, once the youngin gets learened the frree ski after 3 thing @ alta is cool
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Rsl fan;
My kids do the local's special ski school every year. It's $450(if I remember right) for six Saturdays or Sundays, same kids, same instructor each week, includes lunch and lift ticket. I get the locals coupons so I ski for $44 (again, if I remember right. I just buy a book of ten and roll over any unused ones the next year) A Utah driver's liscence get's you in. It's a great program. Next year we're doing Sundays, to avoid the crowds.
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Originally Posted by matt_davis
well now matter how good the team is, a footbal stadium in Sandy instead of downtown is asinine
also, once the youngin gets learened the frree ski after 3 thing @ alta is cool
True enough, I would rather have RSL's stadium within walking distance to Port O Call, Iggy's or Skybox.

But when (if?) they start playing in Sandy; I can go for "The Triple" in mid-April:

-Ski Alta or Brighton in the morning (more easy terrain for uncoordinated goofballs like me)

-Play a quick 9 at Old Mill in the afternoon.

-Watch RSL in the evening.
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