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colorado in April

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I think I'm going to Summitt County colorado from April 8-14. We can ski Copper, Keystone, Breck, Vail or Beaver Creek. Anyone know of any deals on lift tickets during that time period. Usually lift tickets get cheaper that late, but as best as I can tell from their websites, only copper has discounted lift tickets during that period.
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Not 100% sure, but check with the grocery stores in Denver, Safeway and King Soopers. They sell ski area lift tickets at a discount. It is possible in April they won't be selling them anymore. If they are selling them, then that will probably be around the best deal you can find. As you head up 70 various places sell discounted lift tickets, but the deals get worse as you drive out of Denver. So make the effort to check out the deals there.
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I'm probably sounding redundant (most likely because I've posted this 400 times), but check Craigslist. There are a TON of discount lift tickets on there, and there will be even more in a month and a half.
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I'm glad you're being redundant because I forgot about your previous postings on this.
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Go have a look at the "Lets Go Colorado II" thread.

That answers all questions.
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I searched, but couldn't find it.
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April Ski Trip

My wife and i are tinking of going out west April 2-6

Weather and conditiomns are always a bit of a gamble.

However, which location is a safer bet Salt Lake City ( Alat/Snowbird)
or Colorado ( keystone/ breck/etc?)

I understand there are no guarentees here.

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no gamble this year ... we have TONS of snow and it's not going anywhere fast. in fact april is traditionally one of the snowiest months.

Vail is enormous and has tons of interesting terrain for all levels ... the resort does get more traffic, so it gets skied more.

Summit County resorts have almost 2k more feet in elevation, so snow quality tends to be a bit better.

plan away ...
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