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Suggestions on size? - AC3 or im77

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So i went up to demo some of the skis i had posted about before(volkl Ac3 and Head im77) They had them both in 177(didn't have the 170's ),but wanted to know before i bought, if the 170 would be worth hunting around for. I'm 6'3 and 160lb and a solid 7 on the scale. Based on thier performances, i'm definitly leaning towards the Volkl (if that makes any difference).

Any help would be great!
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Personally, even though I like the AC3, I think the im 77 is 3 times the ski the AC3 is. It has more energy, better edge grip, and better float due to it's size. The downside is it's much more demanding, which is why you probably prefer the AC3.

If you prefer the AC3, that's what you should buy. You could get by with the 177cm in that ski. If you decide to choose the im77, you may want to go with the 170cm at your weight.
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Why so wide? I think the im72 is the best of the bunch unless fresh snow is over a foot deep. If the im77, the chip model is recommended. Here's one review that likes the im77chip a lot..."This is a fairly good choice for aggressive skiers who spend slightly more time off-piste than on and who are not addicted to bumps." Here's his review of the AC3..."Volkl skiers who stay mostly on the groomed will gravitate to the superb Allstar and those who ski at least half the time off-piste will probably pick the AC3, for similar reasons, chief among them versatility. In fact, Volkl could almost cover the entire spectrum of high-intermediate to advanced and expert recreational skiers with just these two models." Here's his review of the im72..."Head mints yet another potential classic. The 72 blends the best of the 70 and the 75 and adds a new feeling of responsiveness and agility. This is a superb ski for almost anything except out-and-out bottomless powder or 40mph back-country blasting."

I've been demoing skis, and I've leaned to go short if in doubt. I'm 6', 210#, ski all mountain at least as fast as half the skiers up there, and had a really fine demo day on 170 cm im72.

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Love Peter Keelty but he definitely has a bias toward Head skis.
I personally find the IM's to ski "heavy"
Go 170 cm in the AC3's
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Given your light weight, you could go with a 170 in the AC-3, although a 177 would not be out of line as it is a pretty easy ski. The iM77 is a very stiff ski and IMO you should definitely go with a 170.

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I just purchased new AC3s this year in 170 cm. I am 6'1'' and 170 pounds and just got back from Jackson Hole last week and I would say most likely go with the 170s. I am around a level 7 strong intermediate/advanced skier and loved these skis, but think that 177 would have been a bit too long for me especially on some of the bumps or steeper blacks up there, as even these were a little bit of a handful compared to my prior skis. Absolutley love the new AC3s though.
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Volk at 170

I am on the Volkl AX3 at 170. I am a level 7-8 skier and 5'8" and 180lbs. 170 is plenty of ski. I have been unable to rattle the ski at speed (unless I end up in the back seat) so a larger ski doesn't offer any upside. I find the 170 reasonable in the bumps and trees and a longer ski would be a disdavantage in those situations.

Get the 170s.

Don't know anything about the Heads.
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I liked the iM77s but purchased the AC3 in a 170.

I'm 5'7", 170 #, advanced skier who likes bumps and varying turn shapes.

For an all around East Coast ski the AC3 is better suited for the conditions.

The AC3 in a 177 was skiable for me but not ideal in tight bumps and in shorter turns.

The 77s grips pretty well for a wider ski but is not as nimble.

My wife is actually going to demo both in Utah as she wants a solid all mountain ski.
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If it's any help, Mr Eng is 6'4", 85 kg and skis the iM72 in a 177 and loves it
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Thanks alot for all of the responses. I think i'm going to go with the AC3. I'm going up again this week, and i'm going to demo the AC3 in 170 (hopefully they've got em) just to make sure before i buy. Also, based on some of the comments, i'll see if i can give the head im72 a try. Anyway, thanks for the input.
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