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SuperShape Review

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Took my Supershapes out this weekend. 170's with FF14's.

I waxed and checked the sides. They were pretty close, off a bit on one ski. Waxing them made a huge difference.

Me: 42, 175 6' level 8 heavy bias towards high speed carving.

Where: www.skibluemt.com Blue Mountain in PA.

Ski: 170, 121-66-107

Air temp: 13-20 F
Snow condition: mostly very nice and dry blown snow, secondary level of hard pack and some boiler plate.

Took skis out on easy run for first impression at slow speed but perfectly groomed run. The SS's instantly felt at home. I don't know if it is just a perfect match for my size with the ski but the SS was perfectly balanced, I believe I used the term "balls on"! It was extremely nimble and balanced; very quick edge-2-edge. I was able to ski very slowly at varied turn radius's. It was very versitile and was even happy to glide if needed. I skied it one foot at a time and it was just fine and stable, didn't get squirrely at all. Taking it to a nice blue run, I let it open up. Completely calm and stable, I was able to easily roll this edge-to-edge with total control on icy patches, It had incredible edge-hold. It hooked up so smoothly with a huge sweet spot. I could feel the entire length of the ski engage. Just easy to ski. I took it on the "double diamond" run (more like a steep blue) and had it up to about 40 mph. It was a blast. I had more control with this ski and could easily go between short to mid to large GS with ease. It had great snow feel. I even made a run on the steep section making short slow controlled turns. The tail came around and released beautifully, (I was concerned that with a 107 tail, it wouldn't want to release). But the SS is too much fun to ski slowly so we only did that test once! Last test was to take a rolling, turny run with a lot of piled lose snow. The SS went right through it, no problems, no deflections. I loved the way I could weave around all the other skiers on the run. It was a bit crowded!

loose stuff;4
Fun factor:5+
DID not test in Moguls

This is the finest ski I have ever owned. (to date)
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I have three days on Supershapes, one day on 165 demos, two days on my 170s. I'm 6', 210#, good all-mountain skier. The first day on my 170s, I had the bindings mounted as far forward as they'd go on the carve plates. This left my boot marks about one cm. aft of the ski marks. The skis were OK if I hit the sweet spot, but not that great otherwise. I mounted Railflex plates and bindings, set the boot mark 1.5 cm forward of the ski mark, and the skis are sweeeet. I'd heard from one very good shop that Heads, including these, ski best with the bindings forward.

I've skied them on hard pack, soft pack, crud, bumps, cut-up powder, and fresh powder. As long as the powder isn't more than 10-12" deep, these skis do everything really really well. These are the best skis I've been on.

If in doubt about the length, go short. The 165s were OK for me. The 170s give me more float in fresh snow, and have more potential in them for me as my skiing gets better...and it is getting better on these skis. If I was lighter, I'd have chosen the 165s. Note that the Supershapes Head produced for the ski testing last Spring were dogs. Few shops bought them and the skis earned bum reviews. This year's production skis are superb.

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Hi FD,

Sounds like a great ski for east coast carving on any surface or western on-piste skiing.

I know you also liked your Fischer Race SC in a 165cm, could you compare and contrast the two skis?


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Finn: Do you want to bring them up to Blue this coming Tuesday and show me in person? Evan.
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