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Great Chairs in the US

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There are lots of others w/ GREAT terrain but these first come to mind...others??

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Chairs 22 and 23 at Mammoth.
Maybe chair 9 also.
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Bell Chair -They only run it on weekends and after 40 years, its still the best chair in Colorado.

Deep Temerity - Still a work in progress, once they can glade out more of the heavy timber it will ski much better. Right now the chutes get kind of funky bumps.

Kt & Collins are the best high speeds that I can think of.
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Originally Posted by loboskis

(I haven't actually skied there since they replaced the ancient chair)
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Lift 9 to The Ridge at Loveland
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John Paul at Snowbasin
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I think Sublette at JH is way better than Thunder (which is pretty darn good).
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Dreamcatcher @ Targhee
Challenger @ Sun Valley
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props to the small hills

chair 3 (thunder mtn.), mt. baldy, SoCal

accesses some of the nicest steep tree skiing you'll find.
of course, you'll want to do it in a Good Snow Year.

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Nice ^^^

Shoulda been there last year.
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Not sure if its the best, but South Ridge Triple at Killington with the two abrupt left turns 1/3 the way up will shake your fillings loose if not familiar with the lift.

MRG single...
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I have to agree with shredhead on Bell chair and DEEP TEMERITY

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Penrose, Colorado:

As for ski lifts, my current favorite chair is #43 on Lift 1 at Loveland, which I've caught at least five times this year. It has some interesting stickers on it...
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I noticed it after I posted..nebber mind :embarrased:

Where is the chair in the east that goes along the side of a mountain?
Also the Slidebrook chair at Sugarbush.
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MRG? Check the first post carefully!
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And the 12th.
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Well, if you are talking peculiar, I'd suggest the South Ridge chair at Killington. It's fun to take people new to Killington on it and watch their surprize at the sharp left turn on it. Once they are surprized, they are surprized with another jolt as the chair makes another left turn.
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My votes are view-related. . . While most of these access great terrain to ski, I also enjoy them for the views while I am riding!

Resolution Chair at Copper has this great view south toward Leadville (and some great, frequently empty terrain):

At Vail, Chair 5, The High Noon Lift. I love some of the long runs in Sun Down (although some of my favorites are actually accessed from the hike at the top of the Game Creek lift), but the combination of the bowl and views can't be beat.

Looking at fun terrain on West wall of Sun Down:

Looking back, at the Holy Cross Wilderness:

And for a non-U.S. North American honorable mention, I'd suggest the Summit Platter at Lake Louise. There's some amazing bowl skiing back there, and frequently untracked snow. . . if you're man/woman enough to get there. That long, steep, painful platter has motivated more than one bail-out!

Oh, and as long as I am talking Canada. . . Sunshine Village's Continental Divide Express. It doesn't access the best terrain on the mountain, but on the rare occasion that it is clear enough to see all the way to Mt. Assiniboine, the ride is well worth it, even braving the frequent wind. One of the best views I have ever seen!

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This is a fun topic.
-Wildcat express at Wildcat NH, 2k vert and about 50 great trails from one fast and scenic lift ride.
-The slow double up Madonna Mtn at Smuggs VT, offers some of the same attributes as Wildcat Express except slower ride.
-The Bear Mtn Quad at Killington provides one of the most intense bump skiing environments in the East.
-Ditto for Challenger Dbl at Mary Jane/Winter Park for the West.
- Chair #9 at Loveland Co is renowned for steeps topping out close to 13,000 feet, but old, slow chair #2 going from about 10.5k to 12k is also a pretty special ride offering a two-mile green level trail combination of Fire Bowl, Turtle Creek and Tango Road that is about as sweet as it gets for a novice looking for scenic above treeline Colorado skiing.
-The final chair to the top of Aspen Highlands (also close to 13k feet) stirred my soul with unforgettable scenery.
-A ride up the Wagonwheel chair (#10) at Kirkwood (1800 fairly steep vertical feet) will get your blood pumping like few others.
Many others, any chair that takes you to fresh powder is great.
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Originally Posted by Jamesj
A ride up the Wagonwheel chair (#10) at Kirkwood (1800 fairly steep vertical feet) will get your blood pumping like few others.
Oooh, Wagon Wheel. That's a good one. I used to be a *Kirkwood Girl* and the Wall and the chutes you traverse to from the top of Wagon Wheel are all a very good time! Makes me want to go back and visit!
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Originally Posted by mollmeister
My votes are view-related
If rating on views, Green Valley, Rex and High Campbell at Crystal Mt. all belong on a "best" list. Depending on your tastes, they're good skiing chairs too, each in its own way.
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The old "Big Spruce" Double AND the DOuble next to the quad at STOWE.:
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I'm going to show my age but, is the single gone at Stowe? You aint really skied till a lifty covers you with a horse blanket.

I really miss 9 at Loveland. Huck the corn!!!
The Magic Carpet at Greak Peak. Pee Wee's all day today!
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Pallavicini chair at Arapahoe Basin. A magazine described it as "watching skiers pop off rocks like mexican jumping beans." If the wind is blowing at the top it can be frigid cold but Main St. Pali and the numerous lines to skiers left through the trees (Alleys) are pretty awesome. The view of the 10-mile Range is beautiful as well as watching Highway 6 snake it's way to Loveland Pass. Going the opposite way off the lift and down International can be fun too and people at the bottom have an easy view. As always, directly under the lift would be ballsy, but what better way to show-off and prove something than under the Pali chair at A-basin?! Never been able to do the East Wall there but heard it's pretty remarkable.
Would also second all the remarks about KT-22 at Squaw Valley. Another one which is enjoyable (if anything for the names of the runs!) for non stop moguls is E-chair at Breckenridge. Great runs coming down either side...and yes, the infamous Devil's Crotch!
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Hmmmm... Mel Ratner? Interesting gene pool.....Scary.... Hey, wanna buy some 190 Exploders?

Chair 2 at Alpental has to be the best remaining double chair in the US of Eh.....for experts that is...followed closely by High Campbell at Crystal.....
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Gotta love the terrain served up by Little Cloud at Snowbird, such as Little Cloud Bowl, the Cirque, Mineral Basin, the Gad Chutes, Wilbere Bowl, etc. etc.
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All good chairs listed so far...here's two more

Chair #6 at Kirkwood
Paradise at Powder Mountain
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1) ride time / ski time < 4
2) great views while riding up gets you so stoked that you feel like your 6 years old
3) dumps you out on a summit or ridge top for that alpine feel
4) gommer free zone
5) every time you ride your just phsyched to be there

Telluride - #14
Highlands - Temerity,
Alta - Collins
Silverton - Powder
Mammoth - #23
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