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Problem with new Fischer skis-warranty?

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I am skiing on a pair of RX9’s I bought last March from a shop out West, I live in RI. I have skied 10 days between last year and this year. I had a problem with chipping/flaking on the left side of the ski up near the tip after my only weekend last March and had an epoxy repair done at a local ski shop. The size of the spot was bout the size of a finger nail.

Now I see the same area is now about an inch long and the top layer is flaking away from the ski itself with no damage to the metal edge. The inner construction of the ski is exposed to water/snow/ice. I cannot send the skis back west to ski shop and my local Fischer shop in RI is NOT very good with customer service. Can anyone help me with dealing with this problem with my skis by dealing with Fischer directly or suggest some idea to help me protect my investment in these new skis which I LOVE?

These skis are/should be under warranty. I would also hate to not have my skis to ski with should they go back to the factory for repair too! Will I get a loaner or am I just screwed?

Joesixpack in RI
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Is this one ski hitting the other or just a failed construction? You definitely want to keep water out of there. I'd consult whoever did the initial repair about whether a better job can be done.
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If Fischer has a 1-800 number in the US, try calling them. Sometimes you can deal directly with the manufacturer, but it's rare. You probably ought to go through the local shop -- they should have a direct line to Fischer for warranty issues, and it does not matter where you bought the ski.
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I would try (603) 314-7110.

The website I got that from (I think) is SierraJim's - you might also contact him.
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I am a ski area pro rep for Fischer. According to the information I have the Fischer warranty (on items purchased new) is effective for 1 year from the date of purchase for alpine skis, or 2 years when purchased with Fischer bindings. If you bought the skis with Fischer bindings, you aren't under the gun to settle your warranty claim right now.

The first thing to do to start your warranty claim is to contact the Fischer retailer from which you purchased the skis. They will handle all warranty issues for you. Maybe they can set it up for you to work with a shop in RI.
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wa wa


If our friend in RI won't hear it the Wachusett pro shop is a Fischer dealer. They might assist you....especially if you walk in with a lift ticket on and tell them the story as you tell it here....pretty nice folks in the wa wa pro shop actually. The prices actually are pretty good in there now too and they have a lot of good product. I actually found some flat mount Volkl unlimited AC3 model ski's I might go for if the price drops a bit more.....can't find em anywhere else. I'd prefer the AC4 but.....
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Thanks for the advice

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Fischer ski problems???

Just wondering if anyone with new Fischer skis have had the same problem with the flaking or cracking of the top laminate layer on their skis? I am skiing in Vermont this weekend and will speak with a ski shop that works with Fischer skis so I will hope for some positive news. I am VERY disappointed with what I see on my ski tips. Having skiied on Salomon skis for the last 15 years or so, I have never experienced a problem like this. New skis should not have a problem like this.

If you have ever had a similar problem on ANY ski like this i would be curious to know what you did and how your problem was resolved.

Joesixpack in RI
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I saw an AMC 79 with some tip damage. The AMC's don't have tip protectors, so when I got my AMC 76, I put several layers of clear duct tape on the tips as a preventive measure.
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