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Problem with new Fischer skis-warranty?

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I am skiing on a pair of RX9’s I bought last March from a shop out West, I live in RI. I have skied 10 days between last year and this year. I had a problem with chipping/flaking on the left side of the ski up near the tip after my only weekend last March and had an epoxy repair done at a local ski shop. The size of the spot was bout the size of a finger nail.

Now I see the same area is now about an inch long and the top layer is flaking away from the ski itself with no damage to the metal edge. The inner construction of the ski is exposed to water/snow/ice. I cannot send the skis back west to ski shop and my local Fischer shop in RI is NOT very good with customer service. Can anyone help me with dealing with this problem with my skis by dealing with Fischer directly or suggest some idea to help me protect my investment in these new skis which I LOVE?

These skis are/should be under warranty. I would also hate to not have my skis to ski with should they go back to the factory for repair too! Will I get a loaner or am I just screwed?

Joesixpack in RI
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1) Generally speaking, cosmetic flaking/chipping isn't always a slam dunk warranty claim. I can't speak for Fischer, but some manufacturers would try to repair it.

2) Don't count on a loaner. I would contact the dealer and alert them to your concern. They should contact Fischer for an RMA number. This number will reference the date, thereby starting the all-important paper trail. I would then call the warranty department at Fischer an confirm that they see an RMA number has, in fact, been created. Then explain to the warranty manager that you don't want to be without your skis...can you return them in May after the snow melts? Odds are pretty good that he would tell you it's OK.

He probably doesn't have any inventory to replace your skis right now, anyway. This time of year, most ski warehouses are clean.
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Fischer customer service has stated to me that all warranties have to be handled through the Fischer dealers. If the local will not work with you then you may have to go to the original dealer or another dealer that will work with you without being the seller and see what they will do (like getting the RMA as others have mentioned) and allowing you to send the skis to Fischer in NH or do they have to see them first- or what the details are. Also when they go back to Fischer they are to be without bindings mounted.
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