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SEE! it is the Skis!!!!

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Probably the color. Color clash just ruins my day too.

and ...

Those white boots. Anyone knows ... never white before Memorial Day!

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Those boots always remind me of the white rear-entry moon boots.
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Bode was home schooled, it looks like his father taught the classes. :
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Wait a second, wasn't it two years back when he was on Rossignol that he was having problems, then switched to Atomic for last season and won the Overall? And now it's the Atomics that are the problem? Is my memory wrong here? Tell him to use last year's skis then.
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Back to K-2's????
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He just neds to read the Gear Forum, then he'd have known to use Metrons in every event.
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Talk about biting the hand that feeds you. A shot across the bow of Atomic. It's not like Atomic is hurting for atheletes to sponsor. It would be one thing if he was winning, sometimes you just need to keep quiet about these things and deel with the company internally - not through your dad through the media.

Like when Phil bashed Tiger's equipment before he had won a major. And Nike responded with the fact that he didn't have to use their equipment, he could use what ever he wanted but chose to use theirs. Immediately following tiger won the Accenture. Atomic has the atheletes in the stable that are actually winning medals, Bode should just shut up and win.
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Yeah, I'm sure those Atomic skis are lousy. Just shows what a great skier Raich is, as he managed to win the gold in the GS, even handicapped by Atomics.
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If I'm correct, Denériaz DH Atomics were 2004 models. Maybe Miller should look for garage sales ?
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Maybe he's using Volkl's with Atomic topskins?

Sorry Vlad, I couldn't resist.
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